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[RELEASE] The Overlord's Throne  "Another few weeks, another Doom-style map..."

User is offline   ToiletDuck64 

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This is another one of my Doom-style maps. (I've actually been working on it on and off between other maps, so it took a really long time overall.)

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Also, since this is a 2017 map, I think this is obligatory.

(I don't actually support requiring that; I just think it would be nice if all 2017 maps had this.)

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User is offline   Trooper Dan 

  • Duke Plus Developer
  • 2,796


Not bad but really short. I liked the design, but it wasn't long enough and it seemed like you tried to compensate for that with ridiculous enemy density.

User is offline   necroslut 

  • 193


Very reminiscent of Doom (II), as expected. It was very short, and I can't say it was terribly exciting, but what was there felt quite well polished.

Blue barrels are heavier than regular barrels

User is offline   icecoldduke 

  • 1,207


I haven't play this yet, but I wanted to point out, the best critique a game dev can receive about there work is "it was too short" :). It looks cool though.

ICED Shadow Warrior Port

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User is offline   Redxplatinum 

  • -2


I liked it; a short map with some good action. I'm trying to access all of the secrets though..

User is offline   Merlijn 

  • 445


Can't say much about the level; it's solid but it's also very short.
I did appreciate the number of secrets (although I haven't found out how to reach all of them), and the thin walkways provided a nice combat scenario.

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