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Advanced Toilet Systemô

User is offline   High Treason 

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Some time ago there was a discussion in which I dug up and improved some old code I had written for a mod that will never be completed. This code allowed additional control over a well known feature in the game. Having had a boring few days I have made further improvements to the code in my spare time and stripped dependency on the rest of my abandoned mod. Therefore I have decided to release it as I'm never likely to use it for anything. I am doubtful anyone else will find a use for it either, but it is here in case they do or if someone has a need to run around kicking sector toilets in.

Notable capabilities;
  • Automated smooth player positioning.
  • Multiple modes; regular with or without flush, floors, buckets, urinals.
  • Male and Female modes.
  • Simple damage system allowing the player to break things.
  • Low quality sound effects from god only knows where.
  • Overflow system, color changing water, steam, toilet paper and some random chance events.
  • Uses hardcoded timer.

To run, simply unzip to a folder in your EDuke32 directory. Ensure there are no loose CON files in your EDuke32 root directory as they may conflict with the code or stop it from running. Load the included map to test the code out or see the included text file for instructions and known bugs/limitations.
Attached File  ED32_ATS.zip (2.72MB)
Number of downloads: 90

The included map is literally nothing more than a test map that was thrown together in like two minutes, so it is ugly as hell and serves only to test the functions of the code. There is one of each type (except any real instance of type 5; no flush) in the map including one fully destructible sector toilet.

Various features either didn't make it or else weren't implemented well, this code was not thoroughly tested (in fact, the final revision wasn't tested at all) and there is every chance it could break at a moments notice. Some ramblings about that

"Quite possibly the most piss-poor mod ever devised." - Some guy I asked
"Well, that's 880 lines of code you'll never get back." - Someone else
"10/10" - IGN

Ugh, well, have fun. Hopefully I can finally wash my hands of this project... no you can't wash your hands, I didn't put that feature in, please don't request it... right... anyway, having spent time in the engine I am tempted to return to dust off some dormant maps I have on my drive, but I really can't promise anything anymore.

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User is offline   Jinroh 

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Ugn...I gotta go to sleep, but now I wanna give this a try.

Can't wait to give it a go. :) This is a wonderment.

Edit: Had to try it, worth every moment. :D Those sound effects.

"So long HRP, bring on Duke "NextGen" :3

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User is offline   RPD Guy 

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It seems to be good.
I'll take a look over it.

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User is offline   Jan Satcitananda 

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Now consider adding the defecate function. :lol:

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User is offline   evil_presley 

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i tried it.
once i respected JFK.
now i respect you.
thank you.

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