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Duke Nukem 3D Three Main Expansion Packs  "DC, Caribbean, and Nuclear Winter"

User is offline   Master O 

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Of the 3 main expansion packs for Duke Nukem 3D, how would you guys rank them all, in terms of how good they are?

I get the impression Nuclear Winter is supposed to be the crappy one. Is that correct?

User is online   TerminX 

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Caribbean and D.C. are both good, but Nuclear Winter is indeed the crappy one.

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User is offline   Tristan 

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DC is my favorite, and when I first played DN3D we had that expansion the same day we got the registered DN3D (I didn't play Atomic Edition until years later). so I have a lot of fond memories of it, and though it's probably not the expansion's fault, we had our PC at the time crash while playing it, and we had to get a new PC.

Caribbean is a lot of fun. I don't really care for the weapon replacements and all that but it is still a lot of fun.

Nuclear Winter sucks because the first 2 levels are just modified levels from EP1, and the rest of the levels are poorly designed, but some of the maps do have to fun moments.

User is offline   Fox 

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DC is really good. Caribbean first levels are great, not so much the later ones. Winter is garbage.

User is offline   RunningDuke 

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I consider both DC and Caribbean to be very good expansions. Nuclear Winter is terrible because first 2 levels are modified first 2 levels of the original game, while the rest 5 levels aren't that great in my opinion.

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User is offline   Jolteon 

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Being that DC was the only expansion pack that I played when I was a kid, It is my favorite one. Caribbean is also good as well. As for Nuclear Winter, well it has balls of fail.

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User is offline   Commando Nukem 

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I actually rather like the retread of the first couple levels of Duke 3D in Nuclear Winter. I wish they had done a little more to change them up. (More Holiday decorations, and alternate routes, etc...) But the rest of that expansion is just weak sauce.

Carribean has a really great start. It has a novel set of changes to items, weapons, and enemies, and the new one liners from Duke are a treat. It is true that it loses some of it's gusto as it goes on, but there's still some fun shit to do in there.

Duke it out in DC... My God. Even by today's standards some of the levels on show are very impressive. The FBI, The Smithsonian, and The Whitehouse are just impressive as all Hell. The Smithsonian really feels vast and real for 1996. Really tip my hats to the guys at Sunstorm. They did a fucking amazing job on that one.

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User is offline   Duke Legacy 

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the only good thing about Nuclear Winter was the boss battle he gave more of a challenge the the Eps 5 boss on World Tour.

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User is offline   Loke 

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Nuclear Winter is a masterpiece. I always play through it during December.

Duke Caribbean is great and D.C is meh.

User is offline   Master O 

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I know this will sound like a dumb question, but since Nuclear Winter is clearly the worst of the 3, did anyone ever remake it as custom levels? Like a Nuclear Winter Redux or Nuclear Winter Remix etc?

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User is offline   Nancsi 

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I used to like DC better than Caribbean, but not anymore. DC levels are OK, but they are too grey and too silent for me, and gameplay is even blander than the leveldesign. Caribbean is a hit and miss. It has my favourite level for DN3D that wasn't made by Allen Blum (that is Alien Remains, a beautifully crafted, commercial quality level, that I manually modified for standard DN3D with changing the coloured textures of existing original textures in the end etc.), also some other excellent levels like Wavemistress, Full House and Lost Lagoon, although it has some weak points like the terrible Splashy's level or the "barebones" Voodoo caves.

Overall, none of these episodes match the original ones (including AWO and Birth), but they certainly have their highlights.

User is offline   Sledgehammer 

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Really love DC Out, I don't think I ever played a game with DC theme which could be better than this expansion pack. Made me appreciate America and DC more. Caribbean is great as well, but comes after DC Out since as people mentioned it becomes weaker, however, the atmosphere there is great, really liked new sprites, had pretty good laugh. Always play it during summer vacation.

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User is offline   Micky C 

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View PostMaster O, on 09 March 2017 - 06:28 PM, said:

I know this will sound like a dumb question, but since Nuclear Winter is clearly the worst of the 3, did anyone ever remake it as custom levels? Like a Nuclear Winter Redux or Nuclear Winter Remix etc?

Hendricks might have had a Nuclear Winter+ with a few bug fixes and compatibility changes but I'm not sure he still supports it. The content was relatively unchanged.

The real question would be, what's the point? As a base the original levels are terrible. You'd be better off making winter, Christmassy mods from scratch, and indeed that has been done.

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User is offline   Nancsi 

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I actually like the first two levels of NW. The horror snowman movie in Hollywood Holocaust is hilarious. The problem is they are the 1/3 of the main campaign, which is a letdown as well. They should be more like secret levels, or part of something much bigger and much better.

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User is offline   Fantinaikos 

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Nobody seems remember Duke Xtreme, not exaclty official but it has quite decent new weapons and two interesting enemies. Thinking about it, excluding the new devastator, nobody seems to have reused the sprites for an addon. I consider it superior to Nuclear Winter.

User is offline   axl 

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Same opinion as most: both Duke it out in DC and Caribbean are great expansion packs (but are nonetheless not on par with the 4/5 official ones). The best Sunstorm Interactive expansion pack was probably Cryptic Passage for Blood...

NW really sucks... and that's too bad because Duke Nukem + Winter theme could be awesome.

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

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I don't really consider Duke Xtreme an expansion. More like a collection of addons and tweaks that you can turn on and off. Also some maps. There isn't really a cohesive theme to the enemies or weapons or a steady progression to the maps to anything.

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User is offline   Daedolon 

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Isn't most of Xtreme just usermaps from random websites?

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User is offline   Marphy Black 

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Most (all?) of Xtreme's maps are original. Per Lunick, the identified credits list for Xtreme's levels can be found here. There's quite a bit from Robert Travis and Shawn Swift, both Sunstorm expansion contributors, especially the former.

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User is offline   oasiz 

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I really like some of the D.C. levels but carib just works out so much better, much more out of the box ideas and ambition with a solid theme. Full of heart and not just a simple re-skin.
D.C. levels, while very faithful to the original style and has some amazing moments, ended up being way too open some times and made it more boring. I really wanted to like it more but Smithsonian usually makes me quit. Shame since it's one of the more impressive levels and parallels movie set (I feel like the whole EP is very EP3 in spirit) but it's just way too padded out and very open areas simply don't work well in Duke.

NW on the other hand could have been so much better, I don't mind the revisits but the whole christmas theme is kinda forcefully crammed and feels like a cheap cash-in.
At many points it does feel like a couple of 15yr old kids got together to make a tasteless "lol, christmas and dead santa" level product.
Some elements do work when it doesn't try to take itself too seriously and works out as a cheesy B-movie with a christmas theme.

To me, I don't really consider NW even in the same tier as the other two.

User is offline   Nancsi 

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I'm wondering now that if Gearbox actually listen to the fans and their next release of the game will be the definitive one with the addition of the 3 extra campaign (and Plug and Pray as well), then they should spice these games up a little with extra content, like:

- Adding new Duke talk to DC, NW and remastering Duke talk of PP and CLAB.
- Adding special Pigcop suits to DC levels (also to AWO levels).
- Adding of course new point lights to all the 3/4 extra episodes.
- Adding a new secret level for PP instead of Faces of Death, maybe done by Ian Boffin.
- Maybe even adding 4 optional choices for DC: Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump, with different political jokes.
- And of course adding new dev commentary by Bob Travis, Wieder and Ian Boffin.

OK, just stop dreaming.

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User is offline   Master O 

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Speaking of Duke It Out In DC, there is also a physical CD Version of this add-on for Macintosh. Is the directory structure on that CD the same as the Windows one?


Duke it out in D.C. CD-ROM: <CD root>\DUKEDC\DUKEDCPP.SSI


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