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[RELEASE] The Theme Park  "Just your average everyday theme park filled with aliens!"

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To play the map properly, bring out everything from the zip (Sounds, art, con,), and put it in your Eduke32 folder. After that, run the .bat that was included in the zip.

The Theme Park

This is just your average everyday theme park, but it's filled with aliens.

The story is Duke wanted to go to a Theme Park for his vacation. But then he found out that the Aliens had taken over the Theme Park. So it's up to Duke to clear out the Theme Park filled with Aliens. (Yep back with sucky stories :P )

This is my fifth map for Duke 3D. I started this one back in November, and finished in February. This is probably my biggest map yet for I just reached the original 1024 sector limit, and 8192 wall limit.

This level includes 4 new enemies, plus 4 returning enemies. Firstly is the Pig in a Dress From Total Meltdown. They are pretty much similar to how they were in TM, in which they will use dule weild Pistols, and are a little more Stronger than Normal Pigcops. Then there are the smaller Protector Drone, These guys are smaller and weaker than the normal Protector Drone, and do less damage when they scratch you. Then there is the Bigger Protector Drone. These guys are bigger and stronger than the normal Protector Drone, and can do more damage when they scratch you. And lastly there is the Freezer Trooper from Last reaction and Water Bases. These are Lizard Troopers who wear Yellow Uniforms and are a little stronger than the Lizard Captain. They can fire freezers at you and can Teleport just like the Lizard Captains. This level also includes Lizard troopers in Blue Uniforms from TM (Prison Train), Pig Cop Captains (Prison Train), Underwater Drones (Dawn of the Pork), and Mini Overlord (Dawn of the Pork).

Darkus for ripping the sprites from TM,
Fox, and Nukey for ripping the sounds of the TM enemies,
Mark 'TDK' Knight for the music from TM,
The BDP Team for the Cow Poster from the Gate TC,
George W. Bernard for the Freezer Trooper from Last Reaction, and Water Bases, and Chimera.
(If there is anyone I missed, let me know so I can add them here.)

Also Jolteon is everywhere in this map!

I hope you enjoy the map! :)

Attached Image: duke0166.png Attached Image: duke0167.png Attached Image: duke0168.png
Attached Image: duke0169.png Attached Image: duke0170.png Attached Image: duke0171.png

Attached File  Theme Park.zip (5.4MB)
Number of downloads: 170

User is offline   Jinroh 

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Oh sweet!

Theme Park map sounds awesome. :)

I'm gonna give it a go right now!

"So long HRP, bring on Duke "NextGen" :3

User is offline   PsychoGoatee 

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Kudos on another quality map! Fun romp, the fun house was fun lotta creativity, also points for this map including babes and also ice cream. :dukeaffirmative:

User is offline   Polunka 

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Have downloaded it. In process of playing through the map. Already having lotsa fun!

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