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1997-The King Reigns

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Hey guys its been a while since I made a post or anything, so I figured I would make this little anniversary thread. To start 20 years ago, Sunstorm, Wizardworks, Simply Silly, ZeroHour, and GT released tons of addons for Duke 3D. 1997 was a busy year for Duke 3D as it was ported to Game.com, Sega Saturn, PS1, and N64. Also, Duke 3D sequel, DNF, was officially announced in 1997 taking the long road of completion to 2011. And not to forget, this year also marks the 20th anniversaries for Duke's brother Build engine games Blood, Shadow Warrior, and Redneck Rampage. Happy Gaming everyone.

Since their release, I still play Total Meltdown via PS2 and Duke 64 on the real McCoy to this day and their still joyful as ever.

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1997 was pretty tight for games. Lots of new exciting stuff, both for PCs and consoles. I still remember seeing MDK on TV and being blown away by the visuals and art direction.

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