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Weird front page news

User is offline   Shawneth 

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Anyone else notice the weird gambling news-piece on the front page? I don't see any threads talking about it but it's definitely weird (probably a bot post?). It was posted on the 24th of December. Forgive me if this has already been discussed.

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User is offline   Micky C 

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I remember there being some kind of message on eduke32.com saying that an online gambling website was a sponsor, so this could be related to that. I can't find it now though and could be mis-remembering. If it is some kind of paid advertising, I don't mind them doing it a few times a year if they get some decent cash from it.

Btw we should probably remove the ad to buy Duke 3D from GOG that's still on eduke32.com...

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User is offline   Yatta 

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Micky is correct. We were offered a nominal amount for the post and we accepted on the condition that it'd appear lower on the page, which is why it's backdated to December 24. TX and I split costs which covers domain costs over the last several years.

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