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Bad Duke 3D, Blood, RR etc. mods on sourceforge

User is offline   CryptKiller 

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Some years ago I've found a series of videos showcasing some... odd mods for Build3D games, done by someone probably using outdated tools and .con editing. Those videos are still hosted here.

You can pick any one, they are all quite similar: glitchy Build3D game (Blood, Redneck Rampage, WWII GI etc.), translated to Russian, some really badly adjusted textures and sprites taken from various sources (recently Killing Time). But only recently I've found out he's hosting those messy mods on sourceforge.net, of all places. And peeking there showcases some really interesting approach to modding old first-person shooters. Files are enormous (some of them approaching 300 megabytes), and unpacking them shows a huge mess of maps, mods, .con files, voodoo wrappers, files related to other games, zipped assets, basically it looks like the author just zips everything he has in his working folder and uploads. And, hilariously, all those "mods" contain original files from the related games, or even multiple games, because the more the merrier. Have a look:

Posted Image

That's just the fraction of frikking 1560+ files that are unleashed upon your hard drive when you unpack !!!MYBLD.EXE

Here's the whole set of those nightmares:


I guess those should be reported as obvious warez, but it seems nobody knows about those.

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User is online   Player Lin 

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What a mess of warez packs... I download a Duke pack was updated 2 months ago I noticed it's a totally mess, orginal DOS exe, other source ports like duke3dw, nduke and of course eduke32(r1850)...with shitload of weird files, CONs, MAPs, GRPs...I don't even know how it ever works at all...

I'm sure no body even give a shit about such thing so it's not get noticed, maybe only for Russian I guess...but since it seems includes the full of game datas so they're warez for sure.(I'm not checking all of files but I download some of them and confirms those mods were packed with original game data)

I'm the guy at 3DRealms Forum...


Sometimes, I act like a stupid asshole. I know, and I'm sorry about that. :(

User is offline   HulkNukem 

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Is this how Space Trucker was made?

I don't know what's going on in that video, but I'm kinda into it

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User is offline   MrFlibble 

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View PostHulkNukem, on 13 January 2017 - 03:41 PM, said:

Is this how Space Trucker was made?

Not sure about Space Trucker, but Liquidator, very likely.


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