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What is this?

User is offline   xStayMetalx 

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What the hell is this song?


User is offline   Lunick 

  • Snazzy Tazzy
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In the Beta version of Time to Kill, the main theme was actually the song playing in this video "Duke is the Man"

User is offline   HiPolyBash 

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Well that was absolutely fucking awful.

User is offline   brullov 

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I like it.

Links: t vk p yt

User is offline   Mark. 

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I thought it was good.

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

  • 2,112


Mixing is terrible. Guitars are fuzz-city. But I don't see anything wrong with it otherwise. Not very great choice for a title theme, though. Mostly because it's a parody song and not original.

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User is offline   Jimmy 

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I fucking love this parody. I just wish it was recorded better and had more motifs from Grabbag in the music. It's possible.

So many asses, so little time. Only a tight one can stop me on the dime. I'm a lover of every kind. The best surprises always sneak up from behind. I'm an Ass-man.

User is offline   Adekis 

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Huh. Today I learned. I probably would have liked the song once upon a time, but I burned myself out on song parodies when I listened to nothing but Weird Al and J-pop throughout all of junior high school. XD

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