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'Return to ruins' A new Powerslave / Exhumed mini episode AND mapping documentation  "First true PS/EX custom maps AND a full mapping documentation !"

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View PostGambini, on 05 January 2017 - 10:09 PM, said:

Now, you made me realize for first time in 20 years that i have that glitchy beta (september 1996 - no music). Haven´t had luck finding the good one yet :unsure:

20 years really ?! I'm clueless about the history behind this beta version, but if it's 20 years I'm thinking it might be a press leak that's been in the way of the retail version since the start.

Like Oasiz said the September 96 version is the worst. IIRC that's the one in which, among other things, visibility is broken. FYI the game doesn't have gamma settings, instead what they call "gamma" and what you change by pressing F11 is visibility, which completely messes up the game (don't touch it, iirc there are 5 levels and the third one should be default). However, even if it's documented in the cfg file, visibility is broken in the September version and is stuck to 0.

In other words, you can't see shit, and for a game like Powerslave it gets even worse because they use palette to set forced full visibility on some items and surfaces, which will stand out even more if your global visibility is set to 0.
Then it gets even worse in our episode because we use slopes which have full visibility as well by default. You may not see any difference in most outdoor areas of our maps though, no matter your global visibility setting, because we used forced full visibility with palettes in those areas especially so that slopes wouldn't stand out in the distance,

Yes, it's a mess.

However IIRC the beta version does support music but you need the CD of the game or an iso of it.

View Postquakis, on 05 January 2017 - 11:16 AM, said:

2nd map felt a little drawn out at times, perhaps some sections were longer than necessary? (a replay is needed to pinpoint exactly what)

Thanks for playing and for the comments.
I feel the same way about the map being drawn out in a way. I realized this when it was finished, I wanted the map to feel like you're searching the place for all 4 keys for the exit, but during the middle of the map the player just goes through numerous ultra-thematic rooms, one after the other. At first I wanted it more to feel like you return to the hub between rooms, but that feeling is lost because when you do after the baths room, the corridor you're in IS part of the hub but there is no visible connection to it yet until the walls go up. So the player doesn't realize he's back in the hub the first time he's in the corridor and as a result, it can make the player feel like he just goes from room to room with a lack of purpose.

I couldn't think of an efficient way to fix this without re-doing a lot of the connections between rooms so I just rolled with it.

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View PostMetHy, on 06 January 2017 - 01:36 AM, said:

20 years really ?! I'm clueless about the history behind this beta version, but if it's 20 years I'm thinking it might be a press leak that's been in the way of the retail version since the start.

My copy got carried over all my pc upgrades since 1996. I always thought it was the only one version (never thought too much about it TBH). Back then, I used to work on a pc repair-store during the weekends and as payment I had free access to their pirated-games database (which was over 6000 titles). I only had to find the ID number of each game in their Norton Commander list and burn the CD with the diskette images I wanted. Golden times!

BTW I wouldn´t mind if someone points me to a download link for the good version.

My maps

eat my shorts

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Gambini, i sent you a mail in your email ; )

I have played the first map (i don't want rush it) and it's wonderful, there is so much things We can do with the stuff of Exhumed !
Even just the map maker is awesome ! Very stable (i crashed i think when i press "Escape" in 3D mode, but it's not a problem, i just must to not do that).

Again, need more maps for this game !

(Powerslave EX has his sourcecode released, maybe some people will do something with it, need more Exhumed/powerslave anyway).

The team did an awesome gift for Christmas (december 23 in fact) but i just noticed it some days ago ^^
I can imagine so much maps with some other atmosphere, decorations or style.... some boss maps with the Anubis Soldier who help the boss with an epic music :lol:

Does it support a lot of enemies in the same map or big area? Shadow Warrior 97 engine seem to crash if there is too much enemies on an area and some grenade who explode.... (at least, with some user maps).

The gameplay of Exhumed is very fun, its played a bit like heretic (Projectiles with the enemies except with the alien guy who shoot bullet who are very fast) so like a run&gun fps, but it's with the possibilities of BUILD ! Jump on platform to not fall on lava is fun'.
Let's fight like a Pharaoh ! B)

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I signed up just to give you guys a big Thank You.
Exhumed and Redneck Rampage are my all time fav games.
Redneck has lots of user levels, and it was a big surprise to find
some Exhumed ones after 20 years of googeling.
I`m waiting for more.


User is online   Nancsi 

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I haven't played this game so far, just watched the videos, and what I realize that the music is fantastic, just like you guys' fantastic work with it.

Unfortunately this game is another one that has wasps as enemy. They are the most loathsome creatures of the world, why they appear in video games. :unsure:

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User is online   MetHy 

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Have some high-res 1024*768 screenshots of the episode :P , made possible with the dehacker


Framerate really takes a dive above 800*600 though

User is offline   Micky C 

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Posted Image

Polymer wishlist: Global illumination, SSAO, Bloom, reflective surfaces, adjustable specular (wetness), volumetric lighting.
Mapper of the Month December 2014.

Herbs? Tell me more!

User is online   oasiz 

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Really nice!
Sucks that you can't do steep slopes in exhumed DOS as they get glitchy. Texture set is still amazing and vibrant though.
Too bad that Duke3D PAL kills it a bit.

FYI, one cool trick they used is to map one ALTPal for "full visibility", this allowed quite fine tuned visuals on walls, i.e. having a split wall lighting (slopes and such) appear as fully lit from the distance.
Really nice with indoor/outdoor light contrasts.

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