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Hurrrrr Abuses the Reputation System  "split from the World Tour thread"

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Way to completely ignore the entire point of what I was just saying you fuckin' putz. (For the last several posts)

Oh well, I'm done trying to show any kind of reason in the face of someone unreasonable.

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View PostStriker, on 19 December 2016 - 02:50 PM, said:

Oh well, I'm done trying to show any kind of reason...

Some people have been conditioned their entire lives to equate feelings with reason. Re-read the posts and try to view them from the perspective of someone never knowing anything except that their feelings are reasons. I'm being extremely serious on that... it's going to become very important in the next couple of years. Pay very close attention to the words used and how they are used.

It's a bigger communication gap than a simple English vs Chinese language divide.

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View PostRichard Shead, on 19 December 2016 - 02:42 PM, said:

Keep talking, "man"...so many people - gay, straight, bisexual, and otherwise - would be angered, hurt, and offended by what you're spewing...and rightfully so.

Like you calling them "gay?"


If you were even remotely close to being a considerate or loving person you'd refrain from using hateful and inconsiderate words. It's that simple.

Like you?:


Guess what: Words can and DO hurt. And if any a word falls under that category, it's "faggot". Just because you didn't cause bodily injury to someone it doesn't mean they aren't able to get upset and feel emotional pain, and then be able to justifiably classify you as the epic piece of shit that you are.


You've shown yourself as someone who isn't a nice person at all, and then you get butthurt when I point it out, therefore only further reinforcing my point. Everything you've accused me of being is out of your shallow preconceptions and lack of understandings, though you desperately try to make it appear vice versa.

I could point out double standards again but two lines in a row? I think it's obvious at this point. So instead I'll ask you to prove it. And stop using cop-out answers like "if you don't know you're beyond help" or "it's just the way it is." Really try to explain the reason. Because we're not on the same page if you think people are scum because they don't subscribe to your particular brand of politics.


Sorry, but I don't use homophobic slurs against anyone. You do.

I've lost count of the number of times you've called homosexual people "gay."


Even if you spend your entire life donating every penny you earn to LBGTQ+ charities, it still doesn't make one wrong action right. What's wrong is wrong, and you did wrong.

And you're a shining example of all that's right in the world, right? Again, torment and persecute those who don't agree with you and we'll all have peace and harmony together. Just got to get rid of those troublesome fascists! Insulting people doesn't change their minds. And it doesn't make the world a better place. Do you really think you're doing so much good right now? Do you have the capacity to step back and question your motives and the results you're getting? If you don't care, then Striker is right. You don't care about being a good person at all. You just care about being right.

User is offline   Robman 

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He's a failure as a human, no critical thinking. Hopefully his bloodline dies out with him.
I don't think he can grasp how something that may look good on paper to some people, could be a long term disaster in practice.

Either he/she is trolling for entertainment value or is a malfunctioning social justice robot.

Shadow Warrior Central creator, est. 1999.

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I forgot one little thing.


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View PostStriker, on 19 December 2016 - 02:50 PM, said:

Way to completely ignore the entire point of what I was just saying you fuckin' putz. (For the last several posts)Oh well, I'm done trying to show any kind of reason in the face of someone unreasonable.

Someone can't handle the truth. And that someone ain't me.

View PostErgoTheChappy, on 19 December 2016 - 03:05 PM, said:

Some people have been conditioned their entire lives to equate feelings with reason. Re-read the posts and try to view them from the perspective of someone never knowing anything except that their feelings are reasons. I'm being extremely serious on that... it's going to become very important in the next couple of years. Pay very close attention to the words used and how they are used.It's a bigger communication gap than a simple English vs Chinese language divide.

If enough people share common feelings then there IS reason to it. Sometimes the reason is backed by science, sometimes it is not. Sometimes the reason can be legitimized, sometimes it can not. All of my feelings/reasons are backed by solid, tangible FACTS and not just loose threads hanging in the air.

If someone is operating without the implementation of logic, then they have no grounds to say I'm fueled only by my feelings, nor can they successfully claim to be more effective in their speech.

User is offline   Clifford the Big Red Deuce 

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View PostRichard Shead, on 19 December 2016 - 03:58 PM, said:

If enough people share common feelings then there IS reason to it.

Posted Image

View PostRichard Shead, on 19 December 2016 - 03:58 PM, said:

All of my feelings/reasons are backed by solid, tangible FACTS and not just loose threads hanging in the air.

Posted Image

I LOVE DOOKIE NUKEM !!!! Posted Image

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View PostMusicallyInspired, on 19 December 2016 - 03:26 PM, said:

Like you?:. (in reference to Richard Shead getting on my ass about using "hateful and inconsiderate words")

Should add "You are a disgrace to the gay community, and a disgrace to humanity." and "you and the other gays you purportedly know are lacking dignity, class and intellect" to that list of nasty things he's said so far. With no consideration about how that might make me feel.

The most I've said in this thread so far is "your faggotry" and "snivelling shit", and have been pretty light on the insults in comparison to what he's been saying since then. I could have gone much harder on him, really fuck him up, but I'm not that kind of person.

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User is offline   Hendricks266 

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View PostRichard Shead, on 19 December 2016 - 03:58 PM, said:

If enough people share common feelings then there IS reason to it.

Argumentum ad populum.

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View PostRichard Shead, on 19 December 2016 - 03:58 PM, said:

If someone is operating without the implementation of logic, then they have no grounds to say I'm fueled only by my feelings, nor can they successfully claim to be more effective in their speech.

What logic? Please share. You have yet to do so.

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This thread is so gay.

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User is offline   ErgoTheChappy 

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One might call this thread a faggot of fags.

Too much?

Posted Image
Posted Image

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User is offline   Hank 

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Nah, just the usual X-mas time threat feud, filled with words and fueled with Bier, Whiskey and Grass.

The things I don't know could fill libraries.

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Should be called LGBT Thread.
Posted Image

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Lone Gamers Became Trolls thread?

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Lost Gay Boyz Trollin'

Shadow Warrior Central creator, est. 1999.

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Hurrrrr Abuses Himself

User is online   Fox 

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Posted Image

Scooby Doo and the Trip of Lust

That was a cloud and stromy nigth. The Scooby Doo's Mysteris Inc Car was
moving at slow sped, because there where bananas in the street. Rain was
pouring down knifes of water in shape of diamonds, because that land was
new to then. Yes, it was Kinston City, in Jamaca Island, the earth of
Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder.

They where there in a trip of hollyday. The Mystery Inc Got plnty of
money latery because of recent Voodo attacks in New Jersey. So, with
money, they gott to Jamaics.

This day in particular is special. It's the Mardi Glass carnival in
Kingston, so our heeroes are going there to party and see clevarges of
woman. Scooyb is specially happy, 'cause he now is in other country, so
he can abuses other woman without being arrest.

Fred was drivinh the van, Daphne was at his right side and Velma at
Daphn's side. Scoorbu and Shoggy where in the back of the Van.

"Hey Scoob, do you wanna Scooyb Snarks?" Asks Shaggy, in the moving Van,
to the big Deustch dog name Scooy Do.

"Yadda yadda do I want it old pal!" answers felicity the dog with
shaking rabies in his butt.

"Here, eat it all boobies shaker, you deserve it!" and Shagy throws the
knacks to Scooby mouth, bacause it's a reward for eating evil voodo
priest in 'ol Jersey.

As the car moves, Fred can help but feel pain in the butt:

"Daphne, could you please scratch my buttocks? They itch!"

Daphne looked Fred's pants and saw he was horny, so she negated:

"No...you don't deserve my attention, your intentions are bad shaped."
and she put herself to rest. Daphne got very prissy lately. After doing
her second abortion, she knew her live had to change, and the first to
gow was Freddy casual sex she had with him. She couldn't really have
sure if he was the father of her two aborted babies, because Freddy
sleept with many woman.

"Oh Fred" said Velma, the hot chicken in black flamed glasses "let me
help you" and she moved her hand to appease Fred's pain.

"No!" cried the blond boy scout, slapping the nerdy girl's hand with his
pale nail crusted fingers.

Velma became utterly sad. She always have bem the black cannary of the
group. Always ignored, always shit chatted in the back. If Daphne
spoiled the plan, who got the poop in the face? Veldma. If the villain
scapade, ho let him goes? Veluma. It was alwers her, the mistruted, the
butt secked. No one gave a shits to her. So she vomited in her legs.

"ARGH!!!!" cries Daphne, disgusted with the puke that spilled inside her

"Damnation Velma, You did it again!!!!!! Now the car will smell like
ostrich arses!!!!" cries the impotent Fred, almost losing control of the
car to the will of bed smel. Vomit splashed all over Velma's lap, her
breasts, the groung, Daphne's titties and Frad's boobies.

Shaggy and Scoob, that where smoking a crack in the back van, stood up
to look. They laughed:

"HAHAHAAH!!!! You three got really fucked up there in the front, won't
you, bastards!!!" says Shaggy, with Scoob sloobering to the vison of
that delicous pool of steaming rotten vomit at Velma's lap. The puked
flu fried chicken from yesterday was all mish mashed with Were-wolf cum,
because Velma got raped by one last month. Werewolves cum usually stay
forever in the stomach of the blowjober after a bad suck night, but
because werewolves are allegic to hormone injected chicken, the cum got out.

"Damn Shaggu, you could at lest help us here!!!" says Freddy, who got
vomit splashed on his moldy hair ( he uses a dreadlock now, so he don't
wash it and the hair rusted, turning red).

"Okay" said Shaggy, "Scooby, you know what to do!" and Scoovy jumped to
the front seat over Velma's lap.

"Argh!!! You stepped on my pussy you retarded dog!!!" cried Velma,
punching the Dalmatian on the nose. He sneezed and snot flied on her face.

"Okay Scooby, now, show how your balls got big." said Shaggy and Scooby
started to lick and swaallow the puddle of vermin infested vomit on
Velma's lap. He eated it on her pullover sweate, them on the pale
stocking-covered legs, them he moived to the pussy.

"Wha—stop Scooby!!! You will lick my hymen!!!" but Scooby didn't heard.
He ontinued, till he found her shinny panties of nerdy hot glasses
poultry girl. It was very sad that the puked excrement entered the
pussy, and that piece of undergarment was on the way. So Scooby prepared
his jaw and...KNACK!!!!! He slaughtered the panties with one bite. Sadly
for Velma, he savaged her vagina, plucking her labia majora from its
place, exposing raw tumor filled flesh to the marijuana infested air.
But her hymen is intact, and that's what matters.

"Godmanit!!! Scoobyt, what the shit fuck you did?!!?!?" cired Ferd, very
gallowed in maggots that grew inside his rat's nest he calls hair. Fred
is getting very tired and the fuel on the car is reaching it's final
lamnets. If they don't reach Kingstion till the night, Rude Boys will
fuck their arses with bamboo pipes.

Scooby actually, with all that licking and sniffing, really started to
feel something different in his body.

He never felt like that, because he never aproached a woman so nearer
before, and he is virgin too. The voyages and tribulations with the gang
have been cruel to his natural emotions. Can't stand in one place, grow
a family, raise kids. Always running from ghosts, debunking charlatanian
cocaine inhalers and having to watch the same old bullshit Penn and
Teller reruns. Life ain't easy for that sheep hunter. It never was.

His loiality to Shaggy was what maintainted his instincts quietly in
place of elfs, never boner acquiring and never humping good high-heeled
bare lady legs.

But...after these avents told here by you by me myself, his animalistic
size apertured dong woke up. The first signs of inner life inside that
'ol swinging dick risen up, and the blood clots started to flow inside
his vein filled and marred penis.

"ARF! ARF!!" barks Scoorbs "Velama, you pussy smell like macarroni!!!"
and Scooby started to lick it profoundely, mixing his sloobed spit with
tumor tainted blood, chicken filled vomit and carnicerous fetid
gonorrhea that emerged from Velma's pulsating vulva.

Daphne was shocked. That bestial animality was so utter disgusting that
her old psychic wounds have re opened again, to torment and plaything
with her ludacris mind. She moved her puke covered right hand to her
vagina and started to masturbate, or else, she would snap and all the
treatment she's been doing would get cancelled results.

To help with the mastubation ('cause she don't want to lust over Scooby,
because he is friend), Daphne grabs an issue of Playgirl, starring Steve

Fred kept driving, 'cause it was stormy night and if he looks the sex,
the car crashes, so he masturbates mentally.

Posted Image

Meanwhile, Velma, visibly distraught, mutters and howls with a
cicerone's loud voice:

"Stop it Scoobys, You will un-virgin me! I'm keeping my hymen to my
first boyfriend!!!!" but she don't have any.

Stop after some licks, Scooby stopped. He felt bad taste in mouth. Velma
don't clean pussy, because it's against religion.

"OohoOHOhhhhhh Scorbis!!!" said Velma, moaning like koala "...thanks
Gord you stop...I felt I was starting to like it...and it's not good to
our friendship."

Scooby agree, so he lift his penis and inserted it full frontal inside
Velma's moronic vagina.

"ARRGGHHSS!!!!" she cries, as a ball of pubic hair gets inserted inside
her. She don't shave, so it accumulates and get forest.

The Scooby Dong's penis is erectile and goes in and out of Velma,
putting an end to her virgin marry sex with pagan prince. But the ass is

As the bats of blood get expelled from Velma's viollated vagina, Shaggy
gets a boner. He pull down his panties, revealling the moistened maroon
cock. He prepares himself, 'cause he want to participate in the
poliamorous frugal party.

So, the configuration is this: Fred driving, Daphne Masturbating to his
right, Velma being penetrate by Scooby to Daphne's right.

Shaggy decides and jump to the front seat. Because he tall, he opens the
top of the van ceillinng, turning into convertible.

So...he rubs his cock a bit to get it warm and ready, picks a pot
cigarette and crawl a bit. He then dips his cigarrete inside Velma's
virginity blood and then lights it.


And then, ready to go, he shoves his proctuberous cock inside...Scooby's
Mouth!!!! The Deustch Dog is gotten with surprise, but he likes a lot
and licks and sucks it with very deliciously.

Shaggy then seats on Velma's face, because he is tired and his butt need
rest. Velma's is a bit consterned and lose a bit of breath. She screams
to Shaggy with a stuffy voice:

"Damnffff...Shaffggy....I'mfff.....fuufooocatingffffff!!!! !!!" and
Shaggy hears. Because he is a fartist, one who have camplete control
over his bowels movements, he starts to expell fresh fluid farts over
Velma's face, so now she can breathes.

"Ffthanksssfffff!!!!" thanks Velma, and now she can enjoy Scoouby's
chancre overidden penis and Shaggy pimple covered butt farting ass.

Even though Velma's neck is getting pressed by the heavy in pot Shaggy's
body, he is the one who suffers, because he must be arched so Scooby can
suck his dick without having to flex the neck's muscle too much. "A
martyr one must have/for the dick he shall lead." already said the old
poet Ron Jeremy.

"Velma, are you okay?" Aks Fred, who is getting very needy this moment.
It's ironic how, a mere moment ago, he was the fuck-it-all stallion who
debauched and belittled the shy big booty blessed Velma Dickley. And
now, the payback is strong, and the pretty pitty boy now gets
sensitively alonely in that dark corner the car's driver's gets after a
night of beer and bones.

However, every ills comes to an good, because, being ignored in a
democracy of lust often leds the man to seek his sowrrodings...and
that's wath he do, because, in that cold cloud night, thru the rearview
mirors, Fred sees an movement...and a noise:

"BRUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!" like a howling were-cow in a sun bathing loaned
candy shop.

Fred squeezes his eye to see ho it was...ho it was...ho it was...and
then...oh...no!!! My Fowling-GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

"Damn! The Rudy Boyys!!!!" screams Freds.

Everyone getting in the fuckery gets alarmed. Shaggy pompritly shoots:

"Fast Scooby, shoot cum in their engines!!!!"

But Velma intervene:

"Shaggy, cumshot does not work that way!" and she turn her head again to
the inside of Shaggy's butt. The position all of the threee aren't many
confortable, because the road have many holes, so every bump the car
does, Scooby doess a bite on Shaggy's dong, who spurts blood of
cafeteria. Velma on the oister hand must stand with her neck the Shaggy
butt weight, but she already knew the life of a wife is not so simple.
Good blowjobers have strong necks.

"Yo mama dude!!!! Stop dat car and give us dat asses!!!!" cries on of
the miscreants. They where in number of fivel, two in one motorbycicle,
two in one placid running donkey jackass and the leader, the one whom
screamed, on a monocycle, because real leaders must show manhood.

All of then had Marley Drealockers, very filled with pinky read flowers.
They where...the Cotton Rudy Gang!!! The most dangerous criminalia scum
of the new Jamaican. They raped manequins, defiled old middle class
grannies and parked at disabled parking bays. They start to shoot maggots:

"AHHHHH!!!" scream Daphne, while the the maggots penetrate her nipples
thru the milky way. "Fred!!! You must does somethnig!!!!"

And he does. He looks prounfodly in the road ahead. It's a dirt very
one, ful of dirty and molten earth, like the countryside of Siciliia. By
both sides of the van, ther is glasses, very tall and gren, full of
lusting moths of ciceroni. He mut thinsk very rapdly to not let get out
the change.

But the rudi boys in the motorrbyclece then jumps on the van!!! And they
have bamboo pipes!!!

Fred with fastly movmentnes drifts then van and make dangerouslly
movement with car, to throw mad rudi in the road, but they claw have for
hands. The rudis starts to throw their own poo at the gang, contaminated
with AIDS!!!

"Fast Scooby!! Blow the shit!!!" and Scooby blow the flying bowel's
molasses with his powerful lungs on the two rudi faces. The dung
splashes on both crimianals porkyt noses, and they falls on the ground
and explodes in a million of homogenous venereal diseaces.

"Hoolly Golly, theres is two o more o them!!!" and now it's time of the
ones on the running jackass camel. The camel gets to stomp by the side
of the van, to take then off the road.

"YAGHERS!!!!" cries Fredz with much destiny in his hands and losing
contreol of the suffering Mystery Inc van.

With all that movement, Scooby's shakes and his jaw closes on Shaggy's
penis, almost amptating his manhood, but Shaggy is a hippie, so the
power of rock saves him.

Daphne is still masturbotin, and with all the bumps and crashes on the
car, she inserted her whole hand inside the vagina, but the pussy is
okay, because she trimmed her woman nails.

Velma is the one suffering most abuse, manly caused by Shaggy bursting
ass's pimples. The mucus of those red round floppy skin diseases gets
entering her eyeballs and tainting her black framed glasses. It will
need a polish, but not from Charley Goldman.

The car is almost getting out of the road. Fred is having a hard time to
control the vehicle, it keeps skidding on the cannabis plantation that
cover that manicentful country. But the gang's leder keeps the strong
arm on the whells, he nows how to deal with unexpective situation.

In an act of virile masculity, Fred moves the whell faster and knock the
camel's toes, perforating the femoral bones from it's head. The camel
falls on the groung and goes on spinning like mad mary, and throws the
two rudy ones on the van. This time, Scooby is the one to act, and he
slaps both boys with his many inches dong way, and they fly to the air
very high, only to fall by the side of river halleluja, the river of
joy...and they die.

"Good Scopby, only one more lefts!!!!" cries Freid with gases and
pooping in his trousers.

Even though there's only one maniacal left, they are umpossibly
disprepared. That one is the most viciously analy raping monster of all
Deustch Jamaica. He never lonsers, he takes it all and swallows the
pussy. Thats why he is the leader.

Posted Image

Worse than that, the car smell is horriblyfied by all that vomit,
clotted blodd and proliferating homophobic parasites. Most of the water
contained inside these waste fluids got evaporated with the mad race to
the life agains Rudy Boys, so the vomit, blood and poo impregnated on
the skin and clothes of the Scouby gnang, leaving an utterly abysmal
stench of rotten elephant corpses humping with half raped pregnant hyenas.

Velma can't even move her body, because it's all covered with a warm
baked vomit pap. At least she can't catch a could or swine flu.

But the worse is goonna come, the rudy leader is aproaching!!!! His
machine gun mounted on his monocycle is readying it's aim to the head of
our heroes. What gang of Scomby is gota do?

"Daphna...you must act...now..." raises the question Fred, and Daphne
clearly she knows wath he talks aubot.

"N...no...no....onononononononnooooooooo!!!!! I can cannot!!!!" she
screamers with yelled lungs.

"Yes, you must Daphre, or else the gang will get butt raped!!!"

And she falls into tears of unglory. The desstiny of the clique denpeds
on her attitute towards animalistic fellatio. If she does it, if
she...for only this moment...do what it must be done to save everyall
people, all the theropy sensions, all the talks and self discoveries she
did after abortion trauma would mean no nothing. She thinks "Oh Lordi,
why all it? Why you inflict more pen in my heart? Does I deserfe to be a
hooker to the fortune? This burden is all mostly self trauromatic...I
shall what to do?"

The gang looks at her vomit covered fading pale skin. She blinks those
emerold eye with difficult becuse pidgeon poo stuck on her eyelashes.
But the will is there, only a fried hand is need in this moment of
doubs, in this moment of hesitation. Fred goes with his left moral hand
to her shoulder...and then Scooby with his tongue...and then Shaggy and
his cramped hand of crack...even the farted Velma puts her hand on
Daphnes buubies. Everyone is with her, everyoine show the love...show
that...they will be forever by her side.

"...gang..." says Daphne between tears of sorrown, but happy at the same
time "I love...you all...and I...will...never...give UP!!!!!" and Daphne
strongly reunite forces to do what must be does. --action schwrtzneguer
rambo music rolls --

She jumps on the front seat, and everyone stays again on position. Velma
is at it already, with face in ass. Shaggy straightens his dick inside
Scooby mouth, Scooby shove deeper the dong inside Velma...and
now...Daphne crouchs on the cars floor, she pulls off her skirt
revealling her limpidous ass, Fred put thumb inside it, she then
prepares the mouth and...bite Scooby Doo's hairy NUTS!!!!!

"Yes Daphne!" battlecries Frad, "Now go, and suck these balls till they
bleed the glory of AMERICA!!!!!"

The girl starts the fast swallowing movements, sucking, swalloing and
spitting out the Scooby ball sacks. She repeats it at a 1 hertz
frequency, and then acelerates at 30 hertz per second!! And going up!!
It's turning so fast the guys are now measuring it in Horse powers per
second. She is a Michael Pelphs of the ball sucking sport!!! And
now...300 HPV!!!!

"OHHhhohohhohoohoho!!!!!!" moans Scooby doo with all that suckery on his
ovoid elements of pleasure. His dong juices are fermenting inside his
pulsing dog nuts and his eye eyeballs are rolling up in a ballet of
convulsivative lustful gorgonopsia.

"Yes Daphne!! Goes mores, he is readyin' the cannon!!!" utters Fred,
giving strnght for that girl to keep up to the great Queops ejaculations
of the egypt.

However, the rudy boy leader already aimmed the gun...and he shoots!!! A
plethrora of cocaine crack holding sacks covered with hobo's froozen
sperm get fired at the gang with such a ludicrous speed even Dark Helmet
would have his brains melted by that furious display of spartan zoophobia.

Fred!! Act fast!!!...and he does...he movves the wells fast and start to
dodger every one of the shower of superlative malady inducing
projectiles. But it's all too much, and he can't keep this till forever,
so he cries:

"Fast Scooby...CUM!!!!!"

Scooby is feeling the cum come, the cum coming very more and his mouth
is slobbering with ultimate luxury over Shaggy's swoollen mega dick. But
Shaggy is a coward man of principles. He feels his doggy companion would
cannot aim correctly his massive dong to shoot the rudi batard, and will
doom all of then to a fate of eternal damnculation in the cum pools of
hell. So his bowels gett loosen.

"Ahhffff Shaggyffff!!!!" cries in utterly desperation Velma already
feeling the dung penetratings in her nose, "you... is..poopingfffff!!!!"
and SPLORSH!!!!!" a buttery river of fumigating shit lava explodes out
off Shaggy's orc's ass, corrupting his anal flesh scars and washing
Veldma with a shower of malevolent colon cannonballs. They hit her nose
and spreads all over the gang's car with the power of thousands of
megatons of hippopotamuses fat arses.

"ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!" screams everyone getting totally subdued by that
stinky mass of black morgue mojo. But Daphne. She maintained the flux of
suck spit suck spit and now, reached over seventy hundred horse powers.
Scooby Doo's balls are blackshly purple like the molten core of Sun, and
it lights like hot coal getting masturbated by thousands of horny
gorillas. His climax arrive!!!!!

"Oohohoooooohhh!!! I will gonna CUM!!!!!" screams Scooby. Daphne
imediately gett out, giving the cue to Shaggy, Scooby innermost frined
of heart.

"Okay Shaggy, shoot to KIIIIIILL!!!!!!" and Shaggy get hold of Scooby
mighty power cannor and Aim to the invading Rudy leader.

"Die! AmerkAAAAAANS!!!!!!!!" screams the rudy and
then..................an eruption of white mighty thunderball of dog's
cum explodes in the face of the Rudy Boy, lauching him to thousands of
miles in the outward starry sky of Bob Marley's land. The power of the
fuck juice is so strong it disroots the dreadlock user's skin, making
vaginal holes in the middle of his murder belly and tresspassing thru
his poppy filled brain, exploding him into a cataract of bloody messed
guts of marijuana poop filled bowels.

A shower of displeased Rudy body waste and sadly clamouring viscera
falls over the Scooby gang's Mystery Inc van, and the Scooby gang rejoice.

They are all tired, the car is all trashed, Shaggy's ass is corrupted,
Fred's thumb got amputated by Daphne's anal contractions, Velma's lungs
got filled with colon dweller's waste and Scooby Doo's balls evaporated.
But they are together.

Everyone gets a seat in the middle of the cornucopia of decadence and
blasphemy. Mystery Inc engines are roaring still. Fred look to the gas
tank, it's half full, not half empity. It's good enough...and they go to
Kingston. No one say a word, but they know that...friendship...is all
that matters.

The End

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Fox... you give Jimmy a run for his money in terms of shitlordness... except yours has nothing to do with shitlording.

That first picture is...

This post has been edited by ErgoTheChappy: 19 December 2016 - 10:22 PM


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View PostFox, on 19 December 2016 - 10:16 PM, said:

Wall of Text

...What...Did...I...Just...Read...Posted Image

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You mean you actually dared to read that?

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View PostFox, on 19 December 2016 - 10:16 PM, said:

*erotic fan fiction*

Meh, still more enjoyable than the Freddie Prinze Jr. version. :D

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