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Stephen Hornback has passed away

User is online   Marphy Black 

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George announced that Stephen Hornback passed away over the weekend:

No doubt many here are familiar with Hornback for his work at Apogee/3D Realms as an artist on Rise of the Triad, Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, and more. This is very sad news to hear.

Facebook post from 3DR with an obituary:

Formerly RinyRed
aka Revenant100

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User is offline   HulkNukem 

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Unfortunately, we are going to be getting news like this more and more in the coming years.

User is offline   NeverSawFreeWilly 

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Thank you for the memories and games that made me want to become a developer, Stephen.


User is online   Jimmy 

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User is offline   xMobilemux 

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God Speed to the great man. :(

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User is offline   Mr. Tibbs 

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So sad to hear. He contributed amazing artwork to so many classic titles. :(

User is offline   Malgon 

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That's really sad to hear. :( RIP Stephen Hornback.

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User is offline   Major Tom 

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Damnit.....why do they always take the great ones?!

Rest in peace, Stephen.

User is offline   DustFalcon85 

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Goodnight sweet prince.

I wonder what kind artwork he designed for Duke 3D? Was it one of the enemies, babes, wall art, objects or what?

User is online   Loke 

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View PostDustFalcon85, on 30 November 2016 - 07:12 AM, said:

I wonder what kind artwork he designed for Duke 3D? Was it one of the enemies, babes, wall art, objects or what?

He did at least the first person weapons/items as far as I know.

RIP Stephen. I still remember him commenting on one of my Duke3D videos on YouTube many years ago.

User is online   TerminX 

  • el fundador
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He did most of the textures, plus the digitization of the hands, Duke's mighty foot, and the couple of real guns used. He was responsible for a lot of the art!

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User is offline   Mr. Tibbs 

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Shacknews posted a nice obituary today.


Like most artists working in the industry during the early 1990s, Hornback had to make do with rudimentary tools.

"He worked with us when Deluxe Paint—also called Dpaint, thanks to the name of its .exe file— by Electronic Arts was the industry standard for creating game art," Miller continued. "By today's standards this was a primitive art tool and made working on art so much harder and more tedious relative to today's tools. Such were the times as the industry matured. One thing is for sure, his art did not suffer due to these older tools. And he went on to make much of the key art seen in Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D, among many other games. In fact, Duke's mighty kick was actually made by Stephen who digitally photographed his own leg, and then colorized it so that it became Duke's leg—the same leg that's kicked the ass of millions of pig cops."

Stephen Hornback is gone, but will never be forgotten. Not only will he live on in the thoughts and memories of those who knew him best, each and every title listed on his prodigious gameography cements his legacy.

"All of us who worked with you will miss you, Stephen," Scott Miller said. "You always kicked ass."


User is offline   NeverSawFreeWilly 

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View PostMr. Tibbs, on 02 December 2016 - 05:58 PM, said:

Great stuff. Thanks. I almost never go to shacknews anymore (out of laziness) so glad to see such a meaningful effort put into a good dev.

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