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That fugly ass post-process filter  "Just why?"

User is offline   PikaCommando 

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The game look quite sexy without it (only quite, because it still doesn't change the art direction) but I pity the console players who are forced to play with that shit on. Everything's such a blurry mess, holy shit. Why was it necessary? Is this supposed to improve frame rates or something, which doesn't seem to have any effect beyond worsening player experience?

When was this shit implemented anyway? I couldn't really tell but it seems like it's already there since the 2006 version judging from the 2006 gameplay video, the 2007 teaser, and the developer demo reels + Jace Hall footage (somehow, it's just odd seeing DNF using that HL2-style made-for-PC HUD there now that I'm used to the DNF we got).

User is offline   spessu_sb 

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That filter is such a joke really. I mean it also significantly removes colors from the game, making it very grey and bland only.

User is online   Micky C 

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Gearbox probably figured that the game wasn't up to graphical par with other titles at the time, and felt the need to add in Depth of Field to try to cover up the relatively outdated graphics with blurriness. Then they lumped in a lot of the post-processing effects together to encourage more people to leave the whole thing on rather than switching it all off.

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