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New Splinter Cell  "With Ironside back!"

User is offline   xMobilemux 


So yeah Splinter Cell is getting another game!



I'm excited since I love me some Splinter Cell, but skeptical since it's Ubisoft and I haven't given them my money since Blood Dragon.

Wait what? Michael Ironside returning?

Blacklist's voice actor on top of that pile of streamlined garbage known as Conviction was so insulting to this great franchise.
But bringing back Ironside is a step in the right direction cause Ironside's kick ass voice is immune to criticism!

As for the next Splinter Cell's gameplay I'm both excited and still skeptical of how it'll be handled, I would love to see Splinter Cell follow in MGS5s direction and become an awesome open world tactical stealth game cause I really dig MGS5's gameplay, but then again this is Ubisoft making the game so even if they go open world I guarantee that they'll copy & paste the god awful Assassins Creed & Far Cry climb & activate tower after tower after tower gameplay in the game cause Ubisoft can't make a good open world game to save their lives.

But still I'm glad Ironside is back and I really hope this new Splinter Cell is good cause I've played so much MGS5 and I want a new high quality tactical stealth game.

What do you guys think? You excited for the new Splinter Cell? You happy that Ironside is back? How do you think the next entry should be handled?

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User is offline   spessu_sb 


Chaos Theory is one of my all time favorite games and these news totally caught me by surprise.

I would love to have a new SC game but considering how I didn't like Blacklist nor Conviction really, It's kinda really thin ice to expect the next one to either live up to CT or even SC1 level of gameplay quality.

edit: but having Ironside back doing the VO is definitely step in the right direction because that new guy didn't compare in anyways to the iconic recognizeable voice of Mr. Ironside :D

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User is offline   HulkNukem 


I played the hell out of the multiplayer when the PC beta for Pandora Tomorrow came out; I loved the 2 on 2 Spies vs Mercs gameplay.
Unfortunately, none of my friends would get into that type of multiplayer game, they want to stick with stuff like Overwatch or Battlefield, so I'm doomed to never play it ever again :(
I also don't much like the singleplayer stuff, but I enjoyed the coop missions in Conviction

User is offline   Yuki 


Great news, i loved playing single player and co-op in Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow, even sank time on the mobile games when i didn't have access to my ps2 or pc, lets hope it gets confirmed soon.

User is offline   Daedolon 

  • Ancient Blood God


Haven't played the last two (the first of them didn't run too well back when I got it and I never got around to replaying it or buying the latest one now that I could play them), but I really love the series so I'm somewhat excited about this. Definitely need to play the last two one day now.


How is Splinter Cell gameplay compared to Metal Gear Solid? I've been wanting to check Splinter Cell out, but wasn't sure where to start. Some of the games don't seem to be as popular as others among fans.

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