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DNF $1 on Humble Bundle

User is offline   KaijuTurtle 

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Bottom tier is Duke Forever, Spec Ops: The Line, and The Darkness II. Not bad for a buck.

User is offline   Inspector Lagomorf 

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The game is finally worth it now.

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User is offline   icecoldduke 

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Still too much money for DNF.

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User is online   MusicallyInspired 

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User is online   Hendricks266 

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>not including the DLC

User is offline   Captain Massive 

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I'd pay them twice as much to take it back :D

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User is offline   SpooferJahk 

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Comes with The Darkness II and Spec Ops: The Line, I am game. I paid 15 bucks for a copy of it for the 360 back in 2011 and was satisfied, one dollar is a steal for me, even without the DLC.

I am one of the weird ones that kinda liked Forever, not great by any means, but it still is a decent Duke game on par with something like Time to Kill IMHO. Still say the Saturn port of 3D gameplay and content wise, and good old Land of the Babes are the worst in the Duke series.

User is offline   Richard Shead 

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View Posticecoldduke, on 19 July 2016 - 11:10 AM, said:

Still too much money for DNF.

Quite a contrast from those days on the 3DR forums when we had folks lining up to offer George insane and sometimes unmentionable things, for as much as a 320x240 glimpse at DNF's menu screen.


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