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Old French voicepack


Hello everybody !

I didn't want to bump up an old thread so I'm making a new one for it.
I know somebody has already made a new voice pack based on already existing duke games like DNF BUT I have managed to back up files from an old French voice pack which used brand new lines instead of backing up those from other games. If anybody is interested I'm going to post it here.

However I have no idea who developed this pack and the site I found it on back in the days is lo longer up (I found it on a website where there was a TC called "War for a Murderer" in the days of JFDuke) so I don't know what I should do so I'll post it here and if anybody has a problem against it, just say the word and I'll remove it and keep it for myself :

Attached File  Old FR Duke.rar (1.05MB)
Number of downloads: 255

I remember seeing that some people knew about it but could no longer find it either but I can't find the topic about it so I hope this'll help.
And as I said if it poses a problem just tell me and I'll edit the download out of here.

EDIT : I've done a bit of searching and apparently the website I found the pack long ago was called "goregamez.tk", it's the only site I find when searching for "War For a Murderer" TC but as I remember it's in free domain and inaccessible and I don't think opening it in Cache mode will change anything >_>

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I have done the present French voicepack with the french DNF assets (and in a lesser mesure with some of the french ps1 version of Duke3D) !

Do this old voicepack contain all the assets of the french ps1 version of Duke3D ?

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I'd advise heavily against opening any .tk domains.


Gemeaux333, I don't think it does, I've never heard anything about the french PS1 version of Duke, I always thought it was in English no matter the version ...

Daedolon, I don't know what tk actually means in a URL, probably the country Turkey ... wouldn't be surprising it being ill-advised then, this one was the first and last one I've ever seen in my whole life >_>

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PSX voices patch coming soon!!


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