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[RELEASE] Bloodstone Courtyard  "A small Doom-style map with a different theme"


My newest Doom-style map is called "Bloodstone Courtyard".
I decided to give this map a different "theme" from what my other Doom-style maps are like (different enough that I don't see it fitting together into the same episode or something, for instance).


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Played it.
I liked it less than your previous maps. It's a little bit too short and hard for me. Don't get me wrong - it's a nice liitle map overall, with good idea that's rarely used nowadays. That's just too bad that market for such maps died a long time ago. But in this day and age, when we have about 15 maps per year, every new release will be welcome. :)

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The map is okay. This kind of level didn't really require much aesthetics, and the old-school raise the stone pillars and jump around has retro-charm, but I was expecting at least another room or two. So my only real gripe is that it's too short.

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I agree with Forge, it's a cool concept and it's executed fairly well. But the map is really short.
It would have been cool if one of the rooms behind the keycard doors had a teleporter to a new section.

But keep building and releasing maps, I still had fun playing. :)

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