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[RELEASE] Vile Cistern  "Another Doom-style map from me"


"Vile Cistern" is another one of my Doom-style maps; this map is basically about maze-mopping...and sewage...and maze-mopping in sewage.


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Just finished it. It played okay at first, the enemy placement was decent if unremarkable throughout and the sludge areas combined with the maze-like layout (not knowing where and when I'd find a set of boots) made the overall experience really frantic and fast paced, which I liked. Unfortunately having to backtrack over those areas during the keycard hunt was kind of annoying. Mind you, I don't mind backtracking and if done well, it can actually be a good selling point, but by the time I realized where I was supposed to go and what I was supposed to do, I'd gone through all the boots in the map.

Design was good, you definitely accomplished what you'd set out to do, the flashing sectors and relatively simple design gave it that Doom feel. The textures were chosen well for the most part, about the only complaint I've got is that in some of the non-sludge areas the textures were sunken half-way into the ground. I could tell it was done on purpose, but I'm not sure why because it just looked sorta weird.

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I will have to try this out... i'm very busy atm. I got it now though :whistling:

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