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Got a Possible Lost Usermap Here  "Kingdom.map"

User is offline   NukeA6 


Before I say anything, I did not make this map. This was made by some guy from Rosetta Stone, of all places.

It's an Egyptian-themed level with some adverts for Rosetta Stone. Although it shares the same name as other Kingdom.maps, it's not any of the ones in Duke World or in the Depository. I don't know the author's name but it should be somewhere in the map.

There's just one problem: all of the files are in a .exe file and it doesn't work in OSs older than Windows XP and I was actually hoping someone would crack the file open. Oh and there's no .txt file that came with it. This is all I got from some page in the Rosetta Stone website back in the early 2000s.

EDIT: The attachment didn't work so I uploaded it here: https://tusfiles.net/id8duladk7wb

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  • Snazzy Ex Tazzy


You can use something like 7zip to extract the contents of the exe.

I have attached a zip that you can drag onto EDuke32 to get running with the custom music and art file without interfering with other mods. Just run the user map Egypt.map

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User is offline   NukeA6 


I should have known that. Thanks a lot though! So nice I can play this level again after almost losing it forever. Although, it's actually named Egypt.map. I remember seeing one with that name in Dukeworld so it might not be a lost usermap after all.

User is offline   Anvil 


Here is the archived page. (Working download link.)

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No wonder I couldn't find any info on the map before. I looked at the wrong Rosetta company. The Egyptian theme sure didn't help seeing as how the language company is named after an artifact from the ancient civilization. Thanks anyway.

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