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Any Duke related dreams?

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View PostMicky C, on 19 March 2016 - 04:36 PM, said:

I had a dream that Mike Norvak had leaked screenshots showing large areas of my CnC inspired AMC TC map. I also played the map and it was largely reconfigured in terms of landscape and building positions. It was also really, really hard! Loads of tanks everywhere and I kept dying in like 5 seconds.

Now I know how it feels to be a light infantry in CnC https://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif

I actually should leak shots from DanM Gothicus lost maps.


I had a really strange and interesting dream last night. I don't remember much but I know it was a game which ran on an early version of the BUILD engine, which was extremely buggy. Think of LameDuke. :lol:

Anyway I remember that I started inside some kind of temple and it had long corridors. At one point I saw some poorly textured monsters, for the most part there were spiders and they made creepy sounds. A bit later, I see Duke3D's monsters appeared (Troopers, Enforcers, Commanders and Protector Drones). What was interesting is that they acted exactly the same way they did in Duke3D. At one point, I wanted to see if the protector drone can shrink me as in original game, so I stayed far away from the alien to fire at me but then I realized one of the them was differently colored and acted a bit like in the War of Attrition mod, shooting me with some kind of homing fireball. Anyway I kill that one and then wait for other one to shoot at me and I could shrink. I noticed that I was microscopic in size and then when I turned on the automap, it showed Duke but I had to zoom in to see him, he was very small! When I returned to normal size, Duke was doing some kind of digging animation, similar to this LameDuke falling animation:

Later, I see that Enforcers became tiny (spider-sized) and very pixelated. After that, I decided to mess around with the options, so I shrink the screen but it was very glitchy. Then I wanted to enlarge the screen and somehow the Duke3D HUD appeared instead of game's own HUD. After getting bored with the game, I wanted to see what's called and it showed a red sign with words "Blood: Witchaven II" or "Witchaven: Blood II" or something like that. :huh:

That's all I remember.

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Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance


Yes I think I had that game's title in mind while I was sleeping, that's probably why I dreamed about so many BUILD engine games mixed together. :lol:

EDIT: It is possible it actually showed "Witchaven II: Blood" (without the word "Vengeance") in dream, so it was pretty close to that actual game's title.

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I had a Duke-related dream, but the Duke element was kind of abstract.

I don't remember the specifics of it, but somehow it was the 1990s and I was hanging out at this guy's house across the street. I actually did do that in the 90s and the kid across the street did play Duke a lot, so i guess the older, alternate universe versions of things in my dream weren't that far removed from reality. Anyway, for some reason I told everyone to fuck off and then left, I think I had told them something about the future and they didn't believe me. Anyway, I somehow ended up walking around the underground base but everything seemed to be made with Duke 3D textures.

The Duke stuff didn't last long though because I wasn't there alone, I had some kind of communicator and was waiting for word from these other people I was there with. I remember I'd just found a faster way to travel from one side of the base to the other - it was like four almost identical areas with a central elevator shaft - this faster way involved jumping into a toilet. But anyway, I had found this out so I sat in this little room, deciding it was time to have a smoke and a sandwich. I had just taken one bite of my sandwich when the communicator went and one of the people I was there with said they would come to where I was.

This leather wearing chick showed up and said I couldn't sit there and eat my sandwich because there was something else to do. We left the place and I remember this puzzle with a control area sunk into the floor in front of this lifting grate, it had confused me but she just pressed this hidden switch behind a screen. This somehow led outside despite it supposedly being underground.

The rest of the dream involved me still wanting the sandwich, but things getting in the way. I know I was moving house somewhere in it and I had just handed the crappy one back to the council, or I was about to. This guy showed up across the street who had been living in the back of the kebab place, apparently they wouldn't let him do it anymore so he was living in his car and there was something to do with his family I don't remember. For whatever reason I let him stay in the house I was giving back to the council on the understanding we had never met and as the lock was broken, he'd discovered it himself. I told him he could eat my sandwich but the sandwich was moldy when it came out of the cupboard. I wanted to hang around and help him out but I remembered the leather wearing chick wanted me for something and decided I'd rather go and do that instead. By now the Duke textures completely disappeared (There were still a few in the house).

The dream pretty much concluded with me looking after a spider (Small wonder, because I have a pet spider and it produced about 100 baby spiders recently and they needed more fruit flies ordering) and then going to watch Robot Wars. The previous night I dreamed I was competing, but this time I was just watching. It was still the 1990s because it was series 3. For some reason there was this robot called Dominator but it wasn't the one that was on TV and I found it strange that it was fighting Razer. The version of Dominator in my dream didn't exist in the show and the one that did NEVER fought Razer, at least, not in Series 3 though they may have later, the real Dominator wasn't even a very interesting robot and I never really gave it any thought so no idea why my mind went to that name. Anyway, the Razer guy (Ian Lewis) was being a cocky piece of shit (He actually was IRL, so that was accurate at least) and his robot broke down, but the fight kept going and it started working again. He kept mouthing off at this guy on the Dominator team - again, it wasn't the real team - and eventually this American trucker looking guy lost his shit and threw Ian Lewis over the railing outside the control booth.

Dominator was then disqualified but Ian had broken Razer beyond repair because he landed on top of it. He was furious and threw the strange Dominator machine (It looked a lot like Terrorhurtz for some reason) over some garden fence and started putting the guy's windows through. They then had to bring out this other robot, I think it was Technophobic, because neither competitor could continue. The arena had some Duke textures and mechanics again, the lowering pit (which wasn't actually in Series 3) mad the elevator sound from Duke.

The very end of the dream was me returning to the spider and gloating to my friend about how I'd spent the day in the 90s and had accidentally brought the spider along with me. I was demonstrating the strength of the spider web (Oddly, the spider seemed to be an Amaurobius, in real life, I keep a Tegenaria) when I woke up and for a moment thought I still had web stuck to me so tried to clean it off before I realized it was just my arm hair.

A part of me always considered building the Robot Wars arena in Duke, I did it once in SW but lost the map. Perhaps some day I will. The base thing I dreamed wouldn't be too hard to make anyway as it was proper 90s user map stuff and a lot of the rooms were empty and the shading was crap. It was weird, because it had that strange dark "draw fog" type effect on everything as you got further away, complete with its abrupt changes of shade and oddities of the palette like how Yellows look really weird as they get dark, it literally looked like the software renderer even when the rest of the dream around it didn't.

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That's certainly some detailed recollection.

Had a dream last night where I'd built this egypt themed map for Episode 3 of the AMC TC. I was inside the map itself like it was the real world, and of course everything was hyper realistic. There were these absolutely huge monuments, and the sand terrain was fantastic, way better than you could pull off normally, at least without hitting the wall limit pretty quick.

Reminds me of some earlier dreams where I've been inside maps that I don't think I've mentioned in this thread.
One being inside a large futuristic city with lots of lights everywhere. Naturally I took out my phone thinking "excellent, if I take some pictures now, I can look at them later when I wake up and build this place!" Of course I quickly saw the flaw in that logic.
There must have been at least one other similar case another time because I remember waking up one day and immediately checked my phone for pictures of a map, only to realize that dream pictures aren't real pictures. Don't remember which one came first.


I've always had vivid dreams and the capacity to remember them, I can even seize control of them sometimes.

I have done the camera thing before. Most of my dreams take place in a fairly consistent environment and everything is usually in a state of decay, notably a recurring city which seems to have been left behind in the early 1900s. I have tried to explain the city to people before and one time I found a camera (It was out of place there, it was a Polaroid) and decided to get a bunch of photos to take back. When I knew I was waking up I held the camera tightly and tried to bring it back, but this of course didn't work. Strangely, when I was on that street in another dream, there was an object on the floor with these little pieces of paper blowing around, I thought little of it until I saw it a few more times. It seems the camera not only stayed in the dream, but actually fell to the ground and broke as if I had simply ceased to exist in the dreamscape. Odd that my mind took the time to fill in such a small detail really, especially when I didn't really notice until around a year later having passed it several times to later wonder what the small object was. My long term memory is pretty good though and I'm one of those people who will know if you move something in my house just a hair, I get pretty mad when things aren't as I left them so that would probably be why my brain filled that detail in - if it weren't there, I'd remember it should be and then get mad or be distracted from the purpose of the dream.

I tried to bring other things back. Over the years another recurring thing is this girl, she's a year or two younger than me but has aged consistently in time with me. For whatever reason, I see her as my sister in my dream and don't question this... I have no sister in real life. Strangely she seems immune to the rules of my dreams, such as how I can usually control people in my dreams (I can basically will them to do anything I want them to if I become aware of the dream) where she will just stand and laugh, telling me "Well, don't be silly, that's not going to work." and winding me up. Once I halfway woke up to the point I actually saw the room I was sleeping in and realized what was happening as I immediately fell back into the dream. I froze on the spot in the dream and she stopped walking a few steps ahead of me, turning to face me.

"Hang on," I said, "This is a dream."
"About time you caught on," She smiled,
"I'm not waking up," I said, trying to stay asleep, "You're going to answer me some questions..."
"No, I won't." She grinned,
"Yes you will, it's my dream," I responded,
"How do you know?" She said, "It might be my dream."

I tried to make sense of this but that broke my concentration and I could feel myself trying to wake up. I ended up grabbing onto her tightly saying I would bring her back with me.
"That's not going to work," She laughed, "That's silly, you know it won't work."
"It will," I insisted, "I'm sure it will."
"Sorry, but it won't," She said, "Do you not think I'd have told you if that would work? You need to let go, you're waking up now."
"I'm not!" I said, knowing I was fighting a losing battle,
"Yes, you are," She smiled, "You can't fight it forever."
"I won't wake up!" I said firmly, trying as hard as I could to stay asleep.
"I'll still be here you know?" She said, "I'm sorry, but this really isn't going to work."

I obviously woke up and she wasn't there, but for a while I was convinced she was in the room and I spent some time looking for her. I still see her around, she shows up at least every couple of months or if I have something stressful going on. No idea who she is or why she's there, possibly a coping mechanism my mind came up with (First time I saw her I was about four years old) or another side of my own personality... Perhaps my subconscious mind representing some part of itself. I don't really care, she makes me feel safe somehow and I like dreams here she is there, it's always fun talking to her and trying to wind each other up. There are things about it that I have no explanation for at all though, so whatever, I'm glad she's there anyway.

As for Egypt, I have a recurring nightmare I've had for over 20 years now which has some Egyptian elements to it. It's strange how now I do usually latch on to the fact I am dreaming but the unseen monster still scares me, I still won't look at it, but it seems to make me angry after a while to the point I yell at it and the whole things ends and I get landed in a different dream - usually a very bland one. I have also dreamed of an Egypt themed Duke map a few times though, but it always seems to be using custom resources because it usually has textures, sounds and AI which is not in the base game, last time I dreamed it it wasn't my creation. The dream was something like how it was a lost and failed expansion made by 3D Realms and Lobotomy in an attempt to merge the Powerslave and Duke 3D universes together. Apparently it could be installed on both Duke and Powerslave but the Powerslave version was meant to have more features. Unfortunately, that version was missing or very incomplete so nobody could play it. In the dream I seem to think I found that copying just one file from the Duke version made it work with the side effect that the Duke flying snake head appeared in some maps, but I started thinking that this was actually good because those assets were thought to be lost (at the time I dreamed it, today they probably exist but cannot be obtained thanks to Copywrong nonsense). Another strange feature was how no matter what I did, the game knew I was in Europe and kept refusing to work because it was the US version.

Strangely, I don't own Powerslave and have only played it once, very briefly.

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Forgot to visit this topic in a while but that was certainly an interesting dream here, High Treason. :)

I had another Duke related dream a couple of days ago, I almost forgot about it but I just reminded now. I remember playing some kind of canyon styled map (it had canyon textures) but it had a lot of platforming sections, a lot of monsters and a lot of shrinker traps. Somehow I managed to avoid all the shrinker traps (there were like 10 firing at same time) and only took minimal damage from monsters, then reached the exit and carefully killed the remaining monsters. That's all I remember, unfortunately. :(

EDIT: Speaking of Powerslave, I remember playing that game a bit as a kid. I had it included on a compilation of games CD called 3D Action Games Collection, which had full versions of Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and a couple of other games.

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I just had one more Duke dream last night. It was about some guy on YouTube playing Duke Caribbean but the levels were very different, they looked a bit like some levels from Duke It Out In DC but with Caribbean theme. :lol:


I had a weird dream last night. It didn't really involved Duke Nukem at first though. First I was in an unknown house filled with people who I didn't know. Then I left and was on my way home. Although it was kinda foggy. On the way, I've seen a bunch of trees, most of which were leaning a bit, and I've seen some of them falling over. Moments later, I've came across a bunch of crows on a fallen tree (I think one of them poke me). Then I seen a river of slime, and a bridge over it, and both looked like it would be from Duke Nukem. So I cross the bridge, then I see what appears to be the underwater drones from Total Meltdown, except they floating and they were silver (They kinda look like flying spoons in the dream). Then The fog kinda disappear a bit, the slime turned into water, still looking like from Duke. And I've seen a building, again looking like it was made in Duke. It was actually a tunnel, but it lead to a dead end. And weirdly it lacked shading. Then after exiting the tunnel from where I entered, I woke up. The end.

I actually tried to recreate that slime bridge from the dream. I don't think it's accurate but it's similar though.

Attached Image: dream.png

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View PostJolteon, on 30 April 2016 - 08:45 AM, said:

I had a weird dream last night. It didn't really involved Duke Nukem at first though. First I was in an unknown house filled with people who I didn't know. Then I left and was on my way home. Although it was kinda foggy. On the way, I've seen a bunch of trees, most of which were leaning a bit, and I've seen some of them falling over. Moments later, I've came across a bunch of crows on a fallen tree (I think one of them poke me). Then I seen a river of slime, and a bridge over it, and both looked like it would be from Duke Nukem. So I cross the bridge, then I see what appears to be the underwater drones from Total Meltdown, except they floating and they were silver (They kinda look like flying spoons in the dream). Then The fog kinda disappear a bit, the slime turned into water, still looking like from Duke. And I've seen a building, again looking like it was made in Duke. It was actually a tunnel, but it lead to a dead end. And weirdly it lacked shading. Then after exiting the tunnel from where I entered, I woke up. The end.

I actually tried to recreate that slime bridge from the dream. I don't think it's accurate but it's similar though.

Attachment dream.png

Is there a mod where underwater drones actually work?

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View PostMike Norvak, on 30 April 2016 - 09:04 AM, said:

Is there a mod where underwater drones actually work?

Not that I can think of actually (Aside from the Total Meltdown mod but that's not out yet), Although my next map I'm working on will include them.

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I've had yet another Duke3D related dream last night. I was playing TamDuke episode and was on the penultimate level (the hardest one with hordes of monsters) at the underwater part with crushers. I remember running out of scuba gear and going slowly because of crusher traps, I wanted to be careful but when I started drowning, I found out a few secret rooms. One had a medkit and an atomic health in a corner. Later I found out a room FULL of ammo, literally it was FULL of ammo, there were a couple of shotguns and pretty much all ammo types scattered on the ground. I asked to myself "Why I didn't found that room last time I played this episode? It would have helped against the horde of monsters.". Well anyway this time I also decide to use the medkits to maximum, I remember how at one point I was drowning and keep using my medkit, until when I got out of water, used last couple points remaining from medkit, I had 100 health and medkit showed 0%. This was actually a bug in original 1.3D version where if you use medkit and use remaining points that restore exactly to 100 health, then the medkit will still remain in inventory with 0%. In dream I also remembered how last time I played TamDuke (funny how sometimes in dreams you remember what you did in past), I sometimes picked up medkits while having partially used ones because I had no idea I could go back to earlier part of level, so this time I made sure I use the medkits to fullest.

Anyway later I remember reaching a room where I found a secret entrance to another level, where I arrived on a beach (no it wasn't using Caribbean textures, it was just regular Duke3D art) and it showed 4 monsters in total and I was thinking I might have to fight all 4 bosses at same time, kinda like how in the previous map I have to fight first 3 bosses at same time anyway, along with other monsters. I reloaded save because I wanted to keep this secret exit for later, so I decide to go back and do my normal mission. That's all I remember.

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And yet another Duke3d dream last night. I was playing some jungle style map with custom CON code. I remember the map being not that good balanced, there wasn't too much ammo and health as I keep running out of health but I remember getting the armor at one point. I think when I went to pick up the armor, I thought in my mind that I already picked up an armor before but it got used that fast and thought maybe in CON files it was adjusted to absorb more damage, like in DukePlus and Attrition mods. Later I was trying to avoid the monsters (pig cops, enforcers, etc) because I was running out of ammo once again and I went underwater to hide but after I surfaced for air, I found a weird yellow floating platform. I went to sit on it and it started to move by itself but what's weird is that Duke got STUCK on it, he couldn't move at all, as if he was glued or something. I didn't understand what was the deal with the platform but it acted similarly to the flying carpet from Shadow Warrior. Then the dream ended.


I had 2 more dreams in last 2 days.

First dream: I was playing Crucial Conflict episode and I was just messing around with cheats on second level, so I turned on god mode, no clip and no monsters. I was clipping outside of map and noticed some monsters placed outside of the map but when they saw me, they started disappearing like in original game when you have no monsters cheat enabled. However I remember finding a hidden room that had misaligned textures, as well as a misaligned nuke button and it was very dark and flickering.

Second dream: This one is a lot weirder. I was playing Platoon TC and SUDDENLY I was fighting some monsters with broken sprites and the game changed to Hexen, with the Mage class chosen. It was a really weird transition of the dream.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when that dream transitioned to Hexen, I was fighting the soldiers and those broken monsters with the mage's sapphire wand. :lol:

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I had another weird dream last night. I was on the road to somewhere (Can't remember) then I entered this building (Which looked like it was made in build.). Inside, the room I was in looked pretty empty with stairs in front of me. Then suddenly there were explosions in the room upstairs (Looked like it was from Duke) and a few enforcers appeared on the stairs. the ceiling started to fall so I went upstairs, past the enforcers, and jumped into the hole that the explosions made. I don't know what happened after that cause I woke up.


I had a few Duke related dreams in past couple of weeks but I forgot so much about them that I didn't want to mention. So last night I had another one but I will only tell the recent ones.

The dream I had 2 days ago was about some underground cave map with a shrink ray shooter, escaping from a tiny hole before the cave collapsed or something like that.

The dream I had last night was really weird. I was playing (or watching an YouTube video, I can't remember) a mod that had very poor level design and reused music from Lost Duke Episodes. For a second I thought I was playing Lost Duke Episodes but I was remembering level design being a lot better. However it started being a lot weirder, it had crappy weapon sprite replacements for some weapons but the Duke enemies were the same. There were a couple of new powerups, such as one where the image started rotating after you picked up and probably others I don't remember much. I think I had ROTT in mind during that time, which probably explains the weird powerups. And the atmosphere of levels was similar to The Dream series for some reason, so it was actually a pretty creepy mod. That's all I remember. :o

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Some days ago I had found a version of Soldier of Fortune 1 that supported widescreen, so I installed it and played some of it in stereoscopy with my HMZ-T1, noticing how much the level design looked like what DNF was supposed to be in 1998.
The following night I dreamed that Gearbox had released every DNF level design document, with artworks and level descriptions, created by 3DRealms before switching to the Unreal engine.


I've had two Duke related dreams in past few days (one yesterday and one was few days ago that I don't remember much about), while last night I had a Doom related dream.

1) I don't remember much from that dream other than playing a classic city styled map with lots of monsters in slaughterfest style. It could have been about TamDuke again. Maybe that's a sign I should replay the episode soon.

2) This dream was kinda weird. At first I was with a classmate and a random guy on a winter day and we jumped in a pit and the dream transitioned directly into Duke3D world with ice textures where I was playing online (maybe with Megaton Edition) with those 2 guys, we all appeared as Duke. We were playing a base/mission style map from workshop and I remember that it was pretty much Duke3D stuff, I was fighting pig cops with Freezethrower (they were at a higher ledge and I couldn't reach them to kick them, I think I was out of pistol ammo at that point to break the ice) and later in level I remember reaching the ending of first part along with an auto destruction sequence, it teleported me at beginning of map and 4 doors opened along with checkpoints, so if I died, I can return directly into action without having to waste important time reaching that part again from very beginning. I remember the other 2 guys didn't make in as the doors closed and image became white as if the nuclear explosion took place and wiped them out but it didn't affect me, though at that point I remember having pistol with 48 ammo, maybe I also died somehow and I teleported at that base with checkpoints. I also remember the other guy got kicked out of server due to lag or connection and showed message "IS HISTORY!" or something like that. So I was only with the classmate remaining.

After that, I reached a part where there was a circle room with tons of protector drones but thankfully I could just drop pipebombs in them (they couldn't reach me) and try to kill them. I also tried the Devastator with 30 ammo but unfortunately wasted the ammo since it didn't do much, so I continued to use the pipebombs. Then after I killed them, dream transitioned back to going to college.

3) Last night I had a Doom style dream where I was playing a wad that took place on a tropical island. It was a slaughterfest style map and it had lots of supplies but also lots of monsters such as Arch-Viles, Demons and even a custom boss that was shooting very damaging pyro cannon shots that when they hit something, they explode into other small pieces and do a lot of damage. The boss was looking like Cycloid Emperor mixed with Cyberdemon and different colored as well. I wanted to kill him but he was situated on a platform far away and I had to deal with Arch-Viles first with Rocket Launcher but I don't remember much else, other than map being a bit glitchy and falling through some small holes (needed to use NOCLIP to get back up) and some misaligned textures but the map had potential to be amazing.


I had another dream last night. Although it wasn't really related to Duke Nukem this time. It was actually a mixture of the new Doom game and a little bit of Pokemon. In the dream I was an Actual Jolteon (Who was dressed up like Duke Nukem for some reason) and I was in this one area outside although I wasn't familiar with the design of the area at all. (It could've been from Snapmap, but Snapmap doesn't have outdoor areas, at least not yet.) Then some enemies started to appeared like Imps, Possessed Soldiers, Pinkies, Cacodemons and etc. After killing all the enemies in the area, I went inside, where I was now in a hallway which did looked like it was from Snapmap. After walking through the hallways, and killing some more enemies, I was about to passed this one door, then all of a sudden, I heard explosions behind the door. As I went near the door to see what was going on, the doors opens automatically. Then I saw this shiny Braixen (From Pokemon), who was sent flying from the explosion, and as such was flying straight towards me, and of course knocking me over. After that, we both got up. Then she said "I'm sorry. We have to get out of here! They're coming for us!" Then she quickly grabs my hand and we both started running down the dark hallway. Can't remember what happened next though. I didn't had a clear view of what else was in that room cause of the flames. But I could imagine what was in there, for it could've been a Cyberdemon, but I'm not 100% sure though.

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Interesting dream right here, Jolteon. I've also had dreams in past about Cartoons/TV shows mixed with games.

Anyway I haven't had a new Duke dream since last time. Maybe I will have one right now in this night, I hope.


Yes! I just had yet another Duke related dream last night, which was quite an interesting one.

So I decided to play Last Reaction and Water Bases TC and while I was playing, I decided to contact some guy from YouTube known as Mikkel Frost Gaming. I told him that I liked his Duke3D videos but I was disappointed that he gave up on some of the Duke3D mod playthroughs (Last Reaction and Water Bases, American Assault and Steve Long Episodes). So I explained to him what exactly he had to do by showing him pictures/videos of the place where he was stuck and what he had to do to continue. He replied to me saying that he moved on to a new channel (which also happened in reality) and that he stopped making Duke videos. I was disappointed that he wouldn't continue those videos, so I went back to play Last Reaction and Water Bases TC.

I remember reaching a part (after a long swimming sequence) where there were 2 slimer eggs, a super medkit (that contains armor and steroids as well, just like in the mod) and two atomic health, one placed behind the other. I recall I had to crouch to pick up the medkit for some reason (in the mod, you have to hold space), maybe my medkit was full and that's why it didn't accept. I also remember that the mod had a slightly different health system, in that max health increased by few points every time you picked up an atomic health, so at one point I had 168 health after picking up first atomic health, then after picking up second atomic health, I had 172 health. Maybe the atomic health increased max health by 4 points, while at same time gave full health. So it acted more like Adrenaline powerup from Quake 2.

That's all I remember from the dream.


Just had another dream last night, and I think it is an continuation from the last dream (The one where I was an actual Jolteon in Doom). In this dream, me and the shiny Braixen (The same one from the last dream) were both walking down the hallway. She was a little ahead of me, and because of that, a door closed between us, separating us. As I was slamming on the door in hopes it would open, I heard an evil voice saying "It won't work". So there was two doors, to my left and my right. The door to my left opened, so I went in and faced some Possessed Soldiers (From the new Doom game), and there was also this weird enemy that I haven't seen before, which looked like a blue miniature Baron of Hell (It was not a Hellknight, it looked more like a Baron and it sounded like one too). I think they threw blue Fireballs, but I'm not 100% sure though. After defeating all the enemies, I noticed the room was a dead end, and as such the door that was on the other side of the hallway opened. So I went in and there was a bunch of Normal Barons in there. I somehow managed to defeat them all, but I got hurt badly from them. Trying to find a way out, a Mancubus appeared. Knowing that I was still hurt from the Barons, I wouldn't stand a chance against him. So instead of facing him, I ran away from him. I ended up back in the Hallway on the other side of the closed door, but the shiny Braixen was no where to be seen. Still hurt, I decided to limp down the hallway. After some time, I notice the hallway turned left. Out of nowhere A pinky demon came out of the corner and hit the wall. Then as the pinky turned around, A fireball came around the corner and hit the pinky. It was the shiny Braixen. The pinky then charged at her, but she dodged the attack by jumping on him, and then she poked his eyes out with her stick, killing him. After killing the pinky, she turned around and noticed I was hurting. She came up to me and said "Oh my god! Are you okay? What happened?" I said to her "I faced a couple of Barons, and barely made it out alive." She then started to hold me and said "Hang in there! You will be fine!" So we both went down the Hallway, looking for a safe place to hide from the Demons, and for me to recover.

This now sounds like it could be a good story. But I do wonder how it would turn out (If of course I ever dream about this again).

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Sorry for not noticing this earlier but interesting dream! I also wonder what will happen next.

Last night I had a weird Duke3D dream that involved someone (or myself) playing some broken version of Duke3D. Either it was 1.3D but it was very broken or some leaked beta version. So I was playing as normal and the only monsters I faced were assault troopers in a huge acid/toxic green room and for some reason, they started disappearing when they tried to attack me, probably because of memory corruption or something. Then for some reason Duke completely disappeared, along with weapons and the movement physics also changed, it looked as if I disappeared from game but I was still able to move on the maps as normal, with some side effects. It was a lot similar to being in BUILD/Mapster32 3D mode but the classic Duke3D HUD was still active and I noticed I had 1000 armor but I don't remember how much health I had, I know numbers were changing very rapidly because of the glitches. What's weird is that one time I spawned at beginning of E1L2 but in the sky and I kept falling until I reached bottom and it felt like in Doom where I took no damage from falling and the viewpoint slightly lowered from falling but that's all of Duke part I remember from the dream.

The funny thing is that yesterday I watched Duke3D videos by BADATGAMES (some guys on YouTube that play pretty badly) and they used original 1.3D version in DOSBox and I just remembered how glitchy 1.3D version was. So maybe that's what made me dream about broken Duke3D.


That is an interesting dream. I also had another weird dream last night (But sadly it wasn't a continuation of the last dream :( )

At first I was probably playing some kind of adventure game (Similar to that of Last half of Darkness), with weird graphics. Then after some point, It weirdly switched to Duke3D with... Cartoon graphics. The walls, and some of the enemies looked like cartoons (It was not enemies from Duke though, it was something different). Although The RPG I was using was normal, and there were a bunch of Battlelords in the dream too, and they were normal too. That was pretty much about it for the dream.

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I had another Duke related dream last night which was pretty much Duke3D, nothing else. I don't remember much of the dream and I can't describe all details but all I know it was just normal Duke3D gameplay.

Anyway I was at one time playing a level underwater where I was going to face a boss, I'm assuming Alien Queen but I only had a low amount of ammo or was completely out of ammo, I know I had the classic Duke3D HUD enabled. I remember seeing a few pipebombs and I collected them but I used them against Octabrains because at that time I had no ammo left on other weapons. After that I explored a bit further and found a switch but the switch was actually this one from beta version: https://tcrf.net/images/a/ac/Duken3dpcbeta_switcha.png. I think this opened either a hole to the next level or to the boss fight. Anyway later I started to collect more ammo and I surfaced and saw a lot of troopers, pig cops and enforcers in one corner on a platform. I went up on the middle platform and got a bit more ammo for pistol, shotgun and chaingun. I used shotgun against them, though at one point a red trooper teleported behind me and shot me (at that time had 131 health left but after I got shot I had 125 left, forgot how much armor) but I turned backwards and kicked him and he played the choking animation. At that time I was thinking whether I should use a pipebomb to get rid of his body to not play dead but I realized I had low amount of explosives left (2 rockets and 2 pipebombs), so decided to save my ammo for later. I waited few seconds to check if he plays dead but he didn't, so I continued my mission. I don't remember what happened after that.


Few weeks ago (shortly after I wrote last message) I've had a dream where I was playing DukePlus, was holding dual pistols and I was in middle of a random Dukematch map. I don't remember anything beyond that.

Last night I had a very interesting real life dream combined with Duke elements. I was catching up with my classmates, since for some reason I forgot that we had physical education and I was getting late. I looked for them everywhere and I eventually saw them in a higher place, looks like they were crossing a bridge and I was going up for them climbing on some stairs first to reach the bridge but some stairs were broken and I was afraid to not fall down because it was some distance and later I reached a bridge but it seemed like it was the wrong bridge (there was a higher one above me) and still wasn't sure how to reach them, so I wanted to activate Jetpack cheat code (funnily enough, I was thinking at GTA SA jetpack cheat code and not Duke3D) and I reached them, they seemed to enter a hotel. So as I was about to enter the hotel, a huge Duke3D style explosion occurred and about 10 pig cops and few assault troopers invaded and started to kill my classmates. I felt really sad (not sure how many survived or how many died) and I got Duke3D shotgun (from a dead pig cop I suppose) and I started to kill the monsters, moving exactly as fast as Duke does and the EDuke32 HUD appeared on my view. It felt like I was inside the game. Anyway I remember getting shot few times by the pig cops and was low on health and didn't want to die but after using the medkit fully and again losing lots of health, I killed all of them and went to explore the hotel a bit further to get some more health (I guess I was at about 45). When I reached a room that had a TV turned on, I couldn't believe myself that there was a show at the TV (or an ad?) that showed gameplay of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (main menu was turned on and some demo running in background, classic status bar was enabled, so I imagine those guys were playing original game in DOS) and apparently the show was made by Simply Silly Software (the guys behind Nuclear Winter expansion) because they started to talk about it in background and after they referenced their own expansion, they also said to check out the other 2 expansions Duke DC and Duke Caribbean. While credits were rolling, at end it showed logo of both DC and Caribbean expansions, former showed in green letters, latter in orange letters. What was weird is that while the logo for DC looked similarly to Atomic logo, the Caribbean one looked similarly to Trooper Dan's Duke Forces mod logo.

That's all.

EDIT: Some minor fixes to clear out some confusion.

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Had another dream last night where I was playing a very long city styled map with lots of monsters. I was getting swarmed by lots of troopers and enforcers and at one point after killing them with chaingun, I was under impression that I was playing on Damn I'm Good difficulty and decided to use pipebombs to blow up their bodies to prevent respawning and at one point the bodies glitched that they couldn't be blown up, similar to if a mapper placed a dead monster sprite (example the dead pig cops in Dark Side), these bodies can't be blown up. That's all of Duke part I can remember.

The other part of the dream was mostly about an old forgotten Doom mod that I keep dreaming about occasionally, finding gameplay videos on YouTube about it or somehow finding a download link for the mod and playing myself. The thing is that the mod was never released for public and its author only posted some screenshots on ZDoom forums and some videos on YouTube and all were eventually deleted due to his account getting suspended. That was back then in 2007.


My dream with the shiny Braixen continued last night.

So after while, me and the shiny Braixen entered this UAC Armory. There, she treated my wounds that I've gotten from facing the Barons in the last dream. After that, we geared up. Then a scientist, who was a Garchomp (Another pokemon), came in and was surprised to see we were still alive. He said all the demons had killed his buddies, then he claimed that he would help us get out of this place. I've said "Okay, let's go". Then he said he would be right back, and had to get something. The shiny Braixen however told me that she had a gut feeling that he would be leading us into a trap, and as such, she didn't trust him. So we left the Armory, and tried to get as far away from Garchomp as fast as we can. We went through dark hallways, as well as jumping on pipes over an abyss in hopes that Garchomp won't get to us. Strangely we haven't faced any demons while we were running (Although at one point, we did heard what sounded like a Pinky Demon or a Spectre in a room, so we avoided and continued down the hallway). Finally we entered a big room with two different floors with stairs connecting to each other. While trying to find a way out, we heard a voice "So you thought can run away from me, didn't ya?". We turned around and it was Garchomp with an evil grin on his face. I was thinking to myself "Crap, she was right!". Then Garchomp said "You figured I was with these Demons all along! It was me who opened the portal to hell and brought these Demons here! Now you will suffer in hell, like everyone else here!". Then he disappear in a red fog. Suddenly some Possessed Soldiers, and Hell Razers started to appear along with... Marsh Hoppers (or Gizmos) from Serious Sam...

Attached Image: Gizmo.gif

Yep, Serious Sam is now involved with this dream now.

Anyways, continuing on with the dream, after me and the shiny Braixen defeated all of the enemies, a door opened, so we went through it. Now we were outside, where we faced more demons (From Doom of course). After defeating them all, two Witch Brides from Serious Sam 3 appeared (btw, I HATE THE WITCH BRIDES!!!!!). They were overwhelming for me, but the shiny Braixen manages to out spell them, and as such, she defeated them. After that, a blue portal appeared. The shiny Braixen then said "I hope this portal would lead us to safety!". So she jumped into the portal, then I jumped into the portal as well. That's all that happened in the dream.

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Interesting dream. I didn't have any Duke related dreams these days as far as I remember but last night I had a Doom related dream where I was playing an edited version of MAP30: Icon of Sin from Doom 2, either modified by me or downloaded from internet. The acid textures were changed into door textures for some reason and the map was also a bit squished. I don't remember anything else happening, just a poorly modified MAP30. It's not the first time I dream about this map, though. I have dreamed several times before of this map but strangely I rarely dreamed about other Doom maps.

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