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Modding Will Find a Way...

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View PostStrikerMan780, on 24 November 2015 - 05:55 AM, said:

I know DNF uses a heavily modified Unreal. But, regarding the state of the editor, where are you even getting your information from? Sounds like nothing but made-up speculation to me. The only time I heard something remotely like that is an anonymous poster who claimed to be Ex-3DR, but there was no proof of it's authenticity. Everything else I heard about DNF was just really poor management, which was no fault of the engine itself. The only real bad thing I've heard about the engine is that it was built on an old foundation, so by 2011, it was very underwhelming tech-wise.

I personally find him creditable enough, but we will never know for sure. We weren't on the project. If the next Duke from Gearbox is based on the current DNF engine, then I am wrong, the engine would have been viable enough to create another game off of. If the DNF engine isn't used in the next Duke, that doesn't mean I'm right, but my "belief" is Gearbox wants to bury this codebase, and not just because the renderer is antiqued; but because the codebase is a pile of shit.

If you care enough to prove my belief wrong, you can always view the credits, look at the linked in profiles of every engineer on the project and see what they worked on. My guess is most worked on Rendering and Physics, and the rest worked on gameplay. Not many people want to work on tools in the game industry, same with networking. You possibly validate that anonymous posters story based off various resumes,and you can also maybe see something in there that would answer the question "is the DNF code base a pile of shit".

We may never know, but it's time to move on. I don't understand people's urges on here to put the codebase up on a pedestal and worship it in some stupid fashion. Your defending the "good state" of the code, with as much evidence as I have for saying it's a pile of shit. My beliefs on the matter are based on my professional experience, and I don't pretend to hide that. :).

PolymerRTX github
ICED Shadow Warrior Port

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Funny that, last August I was working on making standalone enemies out of these for BFE. The ones that are just about completed are the Assault Trooper, Captain, Enforcer, Commander and the Battlelord.
I tried to make them behave very closely to their original Build counterparts, and I think it worked out pretty well. The Enforcer can even take a shit on the floor!

I'm definitely going to release these on the workshop and post it here once I have time to work on them again (and given that Gearbox won't start a C&D on the models).

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