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Who is/are your favorite character(s) to play as ?  "Thought it would be good idea to ask ..."


Hello world !!!

I've been actually asking this question to ME and so I thought it would be a good idea to ask people the same question(s) ^^

Who is your favorite OC to play as in AMC ?
And if possible Why do you like said OC more than any other ?

Since AMC is all about playing as 9 different OCs with their own characteristics I figured it would be a good idea to see what people think about that, besides it would give an idea of how adaptable the gameplay is to other players' styles. Also I do not intend this topic to make people say who is the best OC of the game in general, just their favorite OC to play as without necessarily taking strategy or challenge inducement into account.

Personally I don't have one utmost favorite OC to play as but 4 surely stand out of the box : they are James, Micky, Merlijn and Geoffrey, I like to play as them the most !
Because I like their voices, one-liners, and their gameplay in general since James has original weapons that can use a lot of alt-ammo, Micky has interesting weapons, Merlijn is reminiscent of Whitchaven and challenging and as for Geoffrey I just like his gameplay/weapons and one-liners ^^
Then in the "middle" OCs I like to play as come Mikko and Sang very close, then Zaxtor, Rusty and Highwire.
The fact I put Highwire in "last place" doesn't mean I don't like him since every time I play a non-OC-specific map he's part of the OCs I use the most but it's just that Rusty and Highwire are the OCs I think the least about in general and Zaxtor is a special case since I've played Oblivion extensively I know him too much I guess.

If I REALLY had to chose my utmost favorite OC to play as I'd strongly hesitate between James and Micky, and as I said without necessarily taking gameplay and strategy into account, but I really can't chose.

There you have my mind, What is/are yours ?
It might have been better to make a poll but I don't master that at all and I'd say it's more interactive that way ^^

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James and Mikko by far. The rest are far far below those two for me, weapons/gameplay wise. Those two have awesome weapons I dig the feel of most.

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I understand for Mikko :D

I like his new voice and liners way more than in Ep1, the change is so flagrant that it was unsettling but then I realized I like him better that way ^^

I really like how he says "Let's kill things with this gun" !


James. Because he's British and so am I!


James is probably my favorite in terms of how well he plays. Decent speed and hp, solid one liners, and my favorite weapon roster in the game, with a solid mix of short and long range weapons. Most of my favorite guns in the game (like the XM8 rifle, the LR300, and the M16 mossberg combo) are in James' arsenal, so...

I also rank Micky and Mikko about evenly, with Micky leading ahead for three reasons: his one-liners, the assault rifle from System Shock 2, and the Meson Cannon.

In terms of most fun to play as, I like Rusty. I love the feel of his revolvers/micro uzi, and he has some really badass unique weapons (the rifle from the Aliens universe, that explosive dart gun, the pulse gun that makes enemies explode).

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So far I've played as Rusty, and I've stuck with him because I like the bayonet.

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Besides Micky of course, I probably prefer James and Rusty.
James has a great selection of weapons and a good number of one-liners. And Rusty's just a pretty cool character being a mysterious gunslinger. He also has some good one-liner movie references, and has some neat weapons. His auto-shotgun has a good feel to it.

Next in line would probably be Mikko and Geoffrey.
Geoffrey's laser and railgun are great, and once again he has a few good one-liners. Mikko being a cyborg is pretty cool, and the BFG-like weapon and plasma rifle kick ass.

Honourable mentions to Sang and Merlijn. Both of them but especially Merlijn have a unique playstyle that breathes a breath of fresh air into the levels for that extra replay value, more so than any of the other characters IMO.

Naturally Micky is my favourite. I can relate to him as an engineer, and it's great to have a dedicated science-guy on the team. His slot 4 weapon is armour-piercing which is nice to have, and he's got multiple energy weapons for spirit enemies. I.e he's good against all enemy types. I do sometimes miss not being able to use alternate ammo types like the various shotgun shells, and grenades, outside of temp weapons that is. Perhaps if I make enough maps James might code in a 4th shotgun for me that can do that http://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

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I use Merlijn mostly(if the level didn't force me to use pre-defined character[s]), sometimes switch to others for checking their weaponry. Just tend to like using knightly character for my personal taste. :D

(Get his ass kicked so hard is other story. :D)

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Rusty Nails, because that revolver is just awesome.
James, because I played the original Imagination World and thought it was brilliant.
Mikko, because his arsenal is awesome (though I wish he wouldn't call me stupid for pressing spacebar everywhere :whistling: )
Highwire, because belting out the Tetris theme while gibbing tons of enemies never gets old.

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View PostMajor Tom, on 24 March 2016 - 12:54 PM, said:

[...](though I wish he wouldn't call me stupid for pressing spacebar everywhere :woot: )[...]

I always found it hilarious. Don't take it personally. :P

On the other hand, his "Headshot. Achieved perfection." one-liner is one of my favourites. Especially when it comes with one of those time lapses in slo-mo. :lol:
My set of favourite charactes is James, Sang, Mikko and Micky. Followed closely by Zaxtor and Rusty. However, I learnt to love Merlijn on my many playthroughts of Spookycut. :(
I never really liked Geoffrey, and Highwire... well... his weaponry doesn't allow him to deal with supernatural enemies, which is a shame. :( I remember having a bad time beating Zeta Base Beta in EP1 playing as him, heh. :whistling:

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Don't get too burned out on Spookycut since a reduxed more story heavy version of it is coming in episode 3 :whistling:

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Minor addendum to my post: John Mason takes honorable mention for having a Slot 4 weapon with ironsight aiming as the alt-fire, but it seems to me that the guy swears more than Tony Montana.

Also, Mickey C is another new favorite of mine---the pulse rifle is awesome, his remark about a guy in his head who loves walls is hilarious, and his suit looks great.

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