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Powerslave EX Public Beta Released [LOL NOPE!]

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Don't play this, it's bad.

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View Postsupergoofy, on 22 October 2016 - 02:28 AM, said:

Can you please upload the public beta update 1.0.2 ?

Uh, I don't think Kaiser ever released that, did he?

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v1.0.2 it was posted here https://powerslaveex...age-1/#comments
by Ryan

Beta 1.0.2:

———————————— ——————————-
Public Beta 1.0.2 Changes
———————————— ——————————-

* Player jumping more accurate now

* Homing projectiles no longer target hidden actors

* Pump extra input events for high mouse polling

* Turn left/right actions added

* New actor flag for preventing actors from exiting lava sectors

* Don’t show crosshair if weapon is lowered, holstered or raising

* Fix projectiles exploding prematurely when crossing between sectors
where the initial sector is water and the ceiling leading outside and
traveling into a sector without a ceiling/floor water portal

* Update FOV to the correct setting in the menu

* Overworld screen offset fixes for widescreen

* Stun logic for soul projectiles (from Set boss) is now functional

Maybe it was an unofficial update? I don't know.

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It was definitely an unofficial update, Kaiser stopped at 1.0.1


I'd be very surprised if it was unofficial, it makes changes to the executable and the source code was never released.
Official or not, I do have it, but I don't know if it'd be safe for me to post it here.

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Links removed ;)

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As far as I can see #1 post by Loke and #4 by Lunick have download links for 1.0.1

So It shouldn't be a problem if you post 1.0.2. Please upload it. Many thanks in advance.

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Rather than post the whole thing, I'll just post the files that are different between v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 (changes.txt, game.kpf and anubis.exe)
I made a throwaway MediaFire account to upload it. http://www.mediafire...ex_102_patch.7z

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Here are more mirrors for patch v1.0.2 by Ryan (thanks to TheZombieKiller for the initial file):


Here is a torrent that I found through google, that has the complete updated game:

Best regards,

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I just testplayed a bit of the first map. It feels really good regarding atmosphere and game controls. For a beta, it already seems quite playable. If it had quicksave as mentioned before, this would be pretty much perfect.

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is there a way to implement the pc version to Powerslave EX ?

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Source code became public:



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I'm trying to play this but running into a problem where the entire map is black making the port unplayable.

Only the weapon and HUD are visable:


Anyone have any ideas on why this is occuring?

I have no issues running any other games and even other projects released by the same guy with the same "kex engine" run without issue...

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I opened the file "game.kpf" with 7zip and in the map folder there are the maps but I don't know how to open it.

Someone would be with what software they are open?

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