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[RELEASE] Bite The Dust  "Another oldschool map"

User is online   brullov 



LA level which was inspired by original first and third episodes. The map was done in 2 evenings, so it is my new record. Enjoy.





User is offline   Jinroh 


Oh very cool, how'd I miss this, love more E1/E3 style levels, thanks for the effort, I'll give it a download later. :P

User is offline   faked 


Very nice looking. :P


I'm gonna DL it now!


Just finished it. My impressions...

The map has a very nice design and polish, with plenty of ambience. I really like how the map has large wide spaces, and non linear. It just has a good clean look. It's not long (only one key card), a 10 minute romp (if you take you're time).

Enemies are a good enough challenge, but I have not played it yet on DIG, which I look forward to. However, a player can find great weapons from the beginning if they are looking for secrets. And there are plenty of secrets.

The mapping is outstanding in my view...simple enough not to get lost, but with enough places to go to keep it interesting.

Having played his maps before, I expected nothing less from Artem Nevinchany. Again, we have a map here good enough to of been in the E1 or E3 episodes. I just wish it was LONGER!

EDIT: It's no real challenge on DIG. Even though it is very short, the real problem is there is not enough enemies.

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User is offline   Loke 


Damn, this was good. Feels like a mix between Hollywood Holocaust, Raw Meat and Bank Roll. It's a bit easy and too short but considering the fact that this was done so quick I really don't mind. Would love to see more of this.

User is online   brullov 



View PostLoke, on 05 May 2015 - 07:31 AM, said:

Feels like a mix between Hollywood Holocaust, Raw Meat and Bank Roll.



Needs more enemies! :P

User is offline   sergey808a 


Хорошая получилась олдскульная карта, напоминает карты из оригинальных эпизодов. Несмотря на то, что геометрия у карты несложная, играть всеравно интересно. Жаль короткая.

User is offline   ck3D 


will give this a try soon, looks excellent !

User is offline   LeoD 


Quite enjoyable, quite short. I'd like you to aim for somewhat more remarkable maps rather than solid quickies in the future, though. :)

User is offline   ck3D 


that was pretty much perfect in the sense of a vanilla DN3D map experience. Loved the little nods to the forementioned original maps, although the Hollywood Holocaust one might have been a little too obvious (that section also really reminded me of the first map of Metropolitan Mayhem). Layout was slick and so was the texturing and the gameplay was perfect. Could see this as part of an episode especially if it only took you a few hours. I hope you make some more ! I don't see anything wrong with 'solide quickies' myself. if anything they keep the community alive and make for a reminder of the true essence of the game (when pulled off so well).

Looking forward to finding some spare time to play the death drive episode even more now...

User is online   brullov 



Thanks. Your feedback gives a lot of inspiration to work more. At the moment I am preparing a single player map and something you will really want to play!


Uh oh! give us a hint: is it city, lunar, canyon, industrial, flood, or alien?

User is online   brullov 



The map has gothic theme.

User is offline   Mike Norvak 

  • Music Producer



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Hmm. Even though it's not vanilla (E1, E2, or E3), I'd still be willing to try it.

User is offline   Max Payne 

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decided to check you map. it is okay kind of clean cut but dude it seems lazy and there is no suspense i felt like i knew what was coming each segment. i not just saying to be mean this map reminds me of bein lazy trying make something like original epsiode but just isnt as good might want to watch out when tryin to compare with original episodes cuz theres non like them

User is offline   MetHy 


Just played the map, I liked it. Nice mix between EP1 and 3, everything fits together nicely.

It was solid overall but I think it could have been even more solid, for instance there is a huge outdoor part that has almost no purpose, then you find a really cramped rotating door that seems like it doesn't fit either.

Also more small interactions could have been nice, like being able to turn on/off lights, have an explosion or two, or have lights that flicker after an explosion, maybe some Duke talk, etc

Also why using .ogg when in the end it sounds like a midi? A midi would have worked in DOS and other sourceports, too, which for this map would have made for sense.

Anyway it was good but I wish there was more like it.

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Pretty cool map, fun stuff. I recognize the apartment and whatnot from Hollywood Holocaust remixed a bit. I wonder how you get that medkit up in the compartment near the ceiling in the bank area, there's always something like that I wonder about. Even in the official maps I don't think I've never found all secrets. :D

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User is offline   DotK3D 



Thanks for the release. If it's a first version of the map, As noted in the txt file, I think it's a good start.

As in, the map is clean but lacks of details and enemies. The game-play is really easy and all secrets are easy to find.
I really liked the music for the ambiance.

I think this is a good introductory map for an episode (if the devastator and rpg are removed and a bit more polish added).

Edit : How do I get the Portable Medkit in the last secret passage ? Jumping from the top of a bad guy ?
Edit 2 : Found the lift for the Portable Medkit :), thanks FistMarine.


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User is online   brullov 



Somebody still playing my super shitty maps? http://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

Thanks for playing and feedback guys, I really appreciate it.

User is offline   Telee 


I thought it was fun. Simple, short and straightforward, sometimes that's the best kind of map. Looking forward to your next one.

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