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Patch v2.0.1

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This hasn't been uploaded to the moddb profile yet as I'd like some guys here to test it first before uploading it to a more dedicated host. Any problems, post them in the bug report thread :dukejk: Save games aren't compatible with the patch as it changes code, so finish the level you're on first and then return to base and exit. You should then be able to re-enter the base from a fresh game and carry on from where you were.

This patch also changes how levels are saved into a data array rather than the config file, the game will run one check at first to convert your old data into the new one. Backup your config files and then if you see anything weird, double check and let me know. Thanks!

AMC TC Episode 2 v2.0.1
  • Updated to latest Eduke32 snapshot
  • added new death sounds for Paradigm Cultists (By Zero X Diamond)
  • replaced machine translated Chinese text on Cheung Note with real translation by Player Lin
  • Fixed level exit in Ice Station Colossus not functioning
  • Fixed Millhaven armoury doors
  • fixed Millhaven not taking you back to proper base level
  • fixed M16 muzzleflash on non-widescreen displays
  • fixed Roof in fish.map being accessible
  • reduced chance of player voiceover on special ammo playing
  • fixed combat shovel not being usable
  • fixed some debris not spawning in Snow base
  • fixed some sequence breaking in chisland
  • fixed lightbeam blocking movement in chisland
  • fixed switch facing wrong way in ABBA
  • fixed masked wall error in EP2 intro
  • fixed blocking wall in AMC Base
  • added health near chimney secret in japan.map
  • Fixed abyss pad not working
  • fixed PDU not working after mission abort
  • fixed Lunar satellite needing 40k instead of 25k to buy
  • fixed Energeia not being affected by EP2 filter
  • fixed knife error
  • fixed sector in mars_tv being set as a door sector
  • fixed gunrange shadow in AMCb.map
  • fixed main menu mouse cursor positioning
  • fixed slider bar size
  • fixed sprinting whilst zoomed in
  • fixed James' akimbo pistols being misaligned
  • fixed Commander's ambient sound from playing when dead
  • fixed Saiga-12 and Golden Saiga-12 text colour being swapped
  • fixed Micky's grenades stating wrong amount when picked up
  • fixed wrong sounds playing in ghost ship
  • fixed switching shells affecting wrong shotguns
  • changed truck at end of snow.map to drive alongside player truck (give player reaction chance)
  • ported scuba display code to new event (fixes text issues at top of screen)
  • ported mission progress over to data arrays instead of config file
  • improved toxic gas in mars.map
  • increased volume of some of Paradigm Cultist speech


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