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Worst Duke Nukem 3D "ports"  "Feel free to add on to this list!"

User is offline   TerminX 

  • el fundador


What's the point? Anyone who wants that can get their own bootleg for less than 20 bucks: http://www.aliexpres...e+nukem+3d+sega

User is offline   Commando Nukem 

  • Judge Mental


I gotta be honest... I don't think it's worth a dime. It's a neat experiment, sure, but as a game? It's horrible. It plays like ass, it looks like ass. Not worth the price of admission.

User is offline   Shaq Fu 


Did Piko Interactive actually get the rights to create this? It says officially licensed so I wonder if Fresch knows anything about this.

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Yeah that is fanart you can find it on google images easy

Also I played that version on the net and didn't like it, I think it one of the worst ports that I have played

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User is online   MetHy 


The game.com version takes the cake obviously, although I'm not sure if it should count as a port since it's more like a new game altogether, kinda like how Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare or Daikatana are complete different game on Game Boy even though they share the same name.

For actual ports, I have to say that while the Saturn version is definitely an interesting play just to see the full 3D recreation with dynamic lights and everything in a new engine, as far as gameplay goes, it's incredibly off. All the weapons and enemies behaviour feel slow and flabby. The simplified levels architecture also help making the whole thing feel off.
The funnest thing about that port is that it made DN3D and Quake share the same engine, just for that one time, and I find that amusing.

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User is offline   MrBlackCat 


I got one of those Russian bootlegs from eBay a couple of years ago... it really does live down to its reputation as bad.
In fairness, the Genesis is REALLY unsuited for a game like this.

Got it, played it some, never completed... yet to even play it again.



I played the game com version of duke 3d that one is not really bad it just when it comes to the hallways it basically the same thing just different aliens at times, it does have some good stuff in it though they made duke look good when it came to art also the music is not bad as well, I do like the side shooting they added in theres.

I never played the Sega Saturn though wish I did I do have a sega saturn at home now I think I get it when I get the money for it do you think I should get it guys?

User is offline   Lunick 

  • Snazzy Ex Tazzy


The Saturn port is as good as its secret level.

User is offline   Fox 

  • Fraka kaka kaka kaka-kow!


That new level is the best part of it.


That games com one is just awful.

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