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Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition PS3/Vita Port  "Dates Announced"

User is offline   Micky C 

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I'll have to look elsewhere for my pornographic needs. Where? WHERE?

Seriously though why is it not available in Australia? Surely it can't be the sexual content; I mean it's literally more pixellated than some porn. Plus we had DNF released in Australia which is a lot more graphic and realistic I suppose. Can't be the violence either. Drugs?

Edit: Well I guess Lunick's simultaneous post cancels out mine then.

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View Post#SH@DOW#, on 12 January 2015 - 04:49 AM, said:

whats wrong about rating in Russia? Its already available via Steam here

Duke Nukem 3D: ME is not available on PSN in Germany, Russia, Australia, and NZ due to ratings issues. If that changes we'll let you know!

Publisher need to do additional things to get proper rating in Russia, so it will be available later.

User is online   Lunick 

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I think people were just confused because the Australian PSN store (and many others) updates later than other stores Worldwide. Megaton received a rating on the PS Vita/PS3 months before release.

User is offline   Gargoyle 


Played with a friend and got this bug which glitched our ammo to random values like /374 for the chaingun and /99 for the RPG. Viewed the game clip and figured out that the "multiple players step on the same shrunken enemy" -bug was causing it, which also crashed the game back in the DOS.
Attached Image: 029.jpg
It affected subsequent games and desynced the demo loop, displaying an error message:
Attached Image: 028.jpg
Once the game is restarted, the bug is gone.

User is offline   HulkNukem 


View PostMicky C, on 09 January 2015 - 03:51 AM, said:

What could possibly think a 19 year old 2.5D engine would behave in a similar way to a decently sophisticated 3D engine? :lol:

Could you actually see the rest of the level though? I'd have thought it'd just be HOM.

I don't know! I just figured the only time I ever saw such similar artifacts in a game was when it happens in Source. It wasn't hall of mirrors, either. IIRC everything was just black except for the level, no skybox. I could see from the elevator you start in all the way to the destroyed building. I couldn't see the ramp that leads to the lounge with the pool table, though.

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So far this port crashes my PS3 often. Starting a new game, during gameplay. Even if I turn off my system properly, it freezes causing the system to rebuild files upon start up.

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