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Modding original Duke?

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Using Mapster32 to create content and EDuke32 to play it doesn't mean you can't make it compatible with the original DOS version of the game. In fact, Mapster32 has some clever map-corruption prevention in which is completely missing in the original build.exe, so it's way less likely for you to break your maps (in fact, if you open a lot of old maps, even the ones in the original game, you see a lot of corruptions that might break those maps in the long run if you were to edit them further). The interface is much more user friendly and faster to use, so creating new maps is a whole lot of faster on Mapster32.

EDuke32 reads regular CON code fine so there's really no reason not to use it. As long as you're not using any EDuke or EDuke32 specific commands, the same code will work in all (1.5) versions of Duke3D regardless.

There is no real modern guides for 1.3D/1.5 CON scripting around, but this is a good place to start. Feel free to create a classic CON questions thread on the forum as well if you have any questions.

There's already a mapping questions thread for any mapping questions you might have.

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View PostMetHy, on 01 July 2014 - 03:10 AM, said:

As far as maps are concerned, like I said if you use mapster32 to map it's sadly not as simple as not going over the limit. Your map Abstractech doesn't go over the limit but can't be played in anything other than EDuke32 (and it doesn't use anything out of the examples I mentioned above; so the reasons why it doesn't work in vanilla is because of other EDuke32 only smallthings).

Ok, maps should be compatible as long as you don't go over the original limit, and don't corrupt the map or put random unnecessary stuff in them. My point is mapster32 is just as capable of making maps for the original game as Build is, and in the case of Abstractech, the problem would have happened in Build anyway I imagine. Like others have said, mapster32's anti-corruption features (along with the ease-of-use and speed enhancements), make it an obvious choice as a level editor.

Plus, any (singleplayer) source from the last decade supports expanded map limits. JFDuke, eduke32, even the OFFICIAL(!!!) latest Duke Nukem 3D version; Megaton on steam. Not sure about some of those smaller multiplayer-focused ports like xduke though. So if anyone's planning to build a decently sized, decently detailed map, there's a very strong case for using the expanded limits. It's not like people can use "but it's not supported in the official version" anymore.
Not that Darkhog has implied he needs the extended limits.


From a gameplay perspective it's hard to go back to DOS after having played EDuke32. Good mouselook is so convenient.

Graphically it's the same, except it supports widescreen resolutions. You're not forced to use the HRP and even here in this very forum I'd bet the majority (me included) prefers the 8-bit art.

Are there any significant differences in gameplay between DOS and EDuke32? I remember viewing a Doom source port comparison and in most of the commonly used ports like ZDoom things were quite a bit different from the original DOS version.

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The only thing I can think of is that weapon switching has been tweaked so you can select a weapon while already selecting a weapon. This way, binding Next/Previous Weapon to the mousewheel isn't totally useless because you don't have to wait for a weapon switch to complete before moving another slot up or down.

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View PostHendricks266, on 01 July 2014 - 09:02 PM, said:

you can select a weapon while already selecting a weapon.

I was so tempted to put Yo dawg here, but I won't as this isn't imageboard :P. Anyway since from this thread it seems that most people play eduke, I will make eduke mod.

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