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DUKE NUKEM 64 ATOMIC  "A mod for fox's Duke 64, adding more new areas"


DUKE NUKEM 64 ATOMIC EDITION Map add-on for Fox's Duke 64.

This mod is to be used with Fox's Duke 64 Mod

The Plan with this mod is to do like they did with Duke 64 and add my own new areas to the game, as well as adding more challenge to the game by putting some of the more powerful enemy in the earlier maps.
I also plan to try and make some or all of the maps from the birth be playable in Duke 64 with 64's weapons.
I will also be removing censoring and making it so that both Duke 64 censored babes and the originals can be used at the same time (well that's in the plan somewhere for some day).Also I will be adding back stuff like bars.(you will see in E1M2, the bar's back but its not where it use to be)

This mod was conceived when I was working with Fox and Nukey on the Duke 64 mod. Before Nukey ripped the maps from the Duke 64 Rom he and I where Remaking the Duke 64 maps. When I was working on the maps I picked I would come across areas that I felt could use some work. So after Nukey ripped the maps, I had no more need to work on the remakes so I started on my side project to add new stuff.

I edited E1M1 and it was a lot of fun and turned out good. But without the Duke 64 mod being out I did not do a lot of work after that. I was waiting for a good version of the mod. That took longer then I thought so I started working on E1M2 about a year ago.I finished the map in a week or two but then had a HDD crash and burn with the map on it, then just a few days ago I swapped the PCB from the bad HDD with one of the same type I had, and was able to retrieve the file.So that excited me (thought it was lost forever).That made me come looking to see what the status of Duke 64 was, and I found it was out.

So now I plan on putting some more effort into my Mod add-on.

So far E1M1 is 99% done and E1M2 is 93% done. I don't know what I really want to do to call them 100% but there's a few areas I feel just need a little work.(also I made the maps without Duke 64, some of the tint for a few texture dose not look good the way it did in D3d ,I might have to make custom textures for stuff that look's off now)

The maps are in BETA and I need people to play test them for me.So let me know how you like them and what you might think I could have done better or if there somewhere you think could use some work.

I will also take request if there is any places you wants to see altered.

So without further ado , I bring to you heavily modified version of duke 64's E1M1 and E1M2


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User is offline   jet_nick 

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i tried your e1m2 it is awesame :lol:

per mille balene

User is offline   Mr. Nukem Roses 

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i did a video playthrough of the Gun Crazy remake

User is offline   OakTree11 

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I just played through E1L2. It was AWESOME! I look forward to playing all the other maps you're making. Unfortunately the link for E1L1 is broken.

User is offline   icecoldduke 

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Looks like fun, might actually download it but one thing I did notice was the guns are missing muzzle fire : ).

PolymerRTX github
ICED Shadow Warrior Port

User is offline   nukemania 

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1 year bump, I know. But did anyone happen to save the E1L1 map file from the OP? I sent the person a PM, but he hasn't logged in since last year.

User is offline   Fox 

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I have downloaded this one

Attached File(s)


User is offline   nukemania 

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Thanks, Fox!

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