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Secrets Guide to WGR 2?

User is offline   Flying Techbot 

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Playing WG2 again, and I am striving to be thorough and find every secret. Now that the game has been out for awhile, shouldn't it be time for a comprehensive secrets guide?

User is online   Micky C 

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Not sure if there's enough people still playing it to justify the effort of making the guide. Maybe when the next version comes out there can be one, although I suspect the release won't be until polymer has some serious optimisation done.

If you really want to know the secrets, open up the maps in mapster32 and search for sectors with the lotag 32767.

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good post......

User is offline   Mike Norvak 

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View Postangel10, on 25 September 2014 - 11:22 PM, said:

good post......

I was going to post an image about kittens being killed every time someone necropost, but the image isn't format compatible (?), so better I'll just wait till The Commander come here to post a better meme.

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User is online   Trooper Dan 

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It's a bot account. Generic sounding name, generic post, only 1 post and zero profile information. If they aren't a bot then they deserve a ban anyway for looking and acting exactly like a bot.

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