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RELEASE: The Thing (By Loke)

User is offline   Gambini 

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It seems like Loke made this awesome thing but forgot to tell people to play it:

Posted Image

Itīs an extremely detailed and awesome looking map based on the The Thing movie. The only problem is that it has no action.

I tried to let some people know about this but it seems my attemps gone unnoticed.

Get it at: http://www.moddb.com...dons/the-thing1

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User is offline   zykov eddy 

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Played it.

Just... Wow. That was the great experience. This is gonna be one of the most detailed maps I've ever seen, I can't even imagine how many effort went into this. The fact what this map has no monsters and weapons makes it even better, for me at least. The atmosphere works really well, it really captures the feel of the movie. The lack of proper gameplay is a major downside, though. This map would have worked much better if it was puzzle oriented, just like Lezing's Last Pissed Time.

I swear, if this map had a better gameplay, it would have been one of the greatest Duke 3D maps ever created. I can see why the developer didn't made a better gameplay, but oh well.

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User is offline   Mark. 

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Loke. Another master sprite user. Looks great.

User is offline   MetHy 

  • 1,477



I don't care, you may use this map to build upon and/or copy sectors over to another map* as long as you give
me credit for it. Thank you.

*Unless your name is Gambini. Hurr hurr.

Does this mean I'm allowed to make a version with monsters? If yes, I call dibs on that.

User is offline   darkcaleb 

  • 134


Been keeping an eye on this. Played it. Wow how much time did he spend on putting these sprites together. Amazing details, wish he could make a more puzzle gameplay like zykov said. Wish there where more movie based maps... ;)

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User is offline   Mikko 

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I've had a review prepared for this map for ten days now, guess it's time to upload it.

Anyway, sweet design but other than that, I'm not a big fan.

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Posted Image

User is offline   MetHy 

  • 1,477


I replayed the map and I believe that my previous idea of adding monsters would simply ruin it.

User is offline   Kathy 

  • 1,223


It's about isolation, not about shooting monsters. Although, I can see why some puzzle elements could have been appropriate.

Maybe I'm just tired and sleepy, but by the end of the map I was feeling quite claustrophobic.

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User is offline   faked 

  • 205


I like this map because it's "quietly creepy". In other words,if somebody rang my doorbell, I'd jump sky high.

User is offline   Jan Satcitananda 

  • 264


What an atmospheric place guys, it's just like a dream, a lonely exploration when you even have no idea what's concealed behind each door. I can only imagine what replayability value this would get when the gameplay was based on searching for hidden items placed in random spots everytime one starts the level! Or just having some smart puzzles like in Myst or other adventure games...

Can't remember if I watched the movie though. Still so much effort put into visual style here, and the author didn't even bother to create a thread for this, definitety ars gratia artis ftw =)

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User is offline   Forge 

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User is offline   DavoX 

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Is it outpost31 or the thing? ;)

User is offline   Paul B 

  • 439


Loke, I will add my two cents since everyone else has. =)

Because I'm one of the best Duke3d players of all time I decided to play this map on: Tied to this fucking Couch/Damn I'm Good =) Unfortunately, I didn't catch the bridge the first time and I died! (Just kidding) =)

But, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, finding it very suspenseful and eerie. The map actually made me feel cold when playing it or maybe it was because of that big bag of ice I had on my feet? Anyway, making this map a button search map was a perfect way to showcase the map while making sure the player doesn't miss out on any room as the buttons were very well placed. Your creativity and use of sprites once again impressed me very much. I really enjoyed this map and it was refreshing to try a completely different game style for Duke3D making this map one of a kind and very memorable even though I am not familiar with the theme Thing. However, I can certainly tell this map was done with precision and accuracy. I am disappointed to see that you weren't the original person to post your own map. You should have been! No Rep points for Jew!

If I can add one thing, I know you tried very hard to scale every thing just perfectly and it was impressive. But there were some really tight spaces that could have been made a bit wider so Duke wouldn't glitch or get stuck. These areas could be simple fixes and allow the player to roam without having to cheat (dnclip) or step over desks and glitch especially when getting forced between the ceiling and block able sprites. Some areas should have been made with block able walls just to prevent duke from being so curious where he didn't need to be.

Anyway, I think this map was a great showcase and it speaks loudly for itself. I appreciate your creations so thank you and well done! Your time and effort were definitely worth it. This map does have replay value and I have already played through it twice. If I had to rate this map and submit it publically I would have given you a great score.

PS. AI would have not added anything to this map what-so-ever it was a bold move, but it paid off!!!

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User is offline   Loke 

  • 585


Thanks for all the comments (only 4 years late).

I went back and added some monsters into the map. The map is generally very tight and narrow so there's usually only one monster in one room (excluding the slimers). I also completely cut the ending and replaced it with a small cave which the player drop down into and have to fight a bunch of protector drones. Also that narrow underground tunnel at the end was greatly reduced mostly because I had to use its walls to build the final cave battle. Apart from that and a few minor changes and fixes the map remains roughly the same -- I didn't want to change too much.

Download here: http://www.mediafire...1/outpost31.zip

User is offline   MetHy 

  • 1,477


Nice. Wanted this map to have monsters since it came out.

User is offline   Merlijn 

  • 456


Thanks for the update! I never got around playing it during it's initial release, so this was a nice opportunity to finally play the map.

As a fan of the movie, it was really nice to see such an accurate recreation. The attention to detail is amazing.
Even though the map is narrow, I didn't think the fire fights were unfair. You wisely kept the number of enemies low.
I'm not a big fan of the button puzzle (it did take me a while to find the last one), but it's a minor issue.

It's almost a shame you had to rely on regular duke monsters instead of the actual thing, because that would have made the map a lot scarier. :)

User is offline   Loke 

  • 585


View PostMerlijn, on 02 April 2017 - 01:29 AM, said:

I'm not a big fan of the button puzzle (it did take me a while to find the last one), but it's a minor issue.

Yeah, that part is kinda iffy. The only reason I added it is because to refrain the player from rushing to the basement without even exploring the outpost. A keycard puzzle might've been better though since it'd be a bit more obvious what you have to do (and button hunting puzzles mostly suck).

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