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EDuke32 DOS port  "EDuke16 April Fools' Joke + NY00123's EDuke32-DOS port"

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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Introducing EDuke16, the official name for EDuke32's new builds targeting 16-bit 80x86 CPU architectures.

After a significant investment of my time studying the original DOS source code of the game and the engine, I was able to write the necessary code to allow EDuke32 to compile and run under MS-DOS. The primary changes, which I will commit after some more testing, are the introduction of doslayer.c to bridge our engine code and the DOS-based VGA, VESA, and serial port drivers, the new driver_dos.c in audiolib (which supports Adlib, Sound Blaster 1/2/Pro/16/AWE32, Gravis Ultrasound, and Roland SC-55), integration of DOS/32A to give us Protected Mode access [use of DOS/4GW is incompatible with the GPL], and various tweaks throughout the code to optimize the game's operation when running a command-line operating system, some of which you can see in my screenshot of the startup sequence. Preliminary network integration over IPX (supporting play over modem and serial) is included but remains a stub until the main networking code is finished.

These were some of my motivations for embarking on this project:

  • Popular demand
  • Duke comes home: kicking ass like it really is 1996
  • Say thanks to our dedicated supporters in the MS-DOS community
  • Give the DOSBox team a significant stress-testing and bug-finding asset
  • Provide a drop-in replacement for the Atomic Edition

When it's done, you will need to use Open Watcom to compile a 16-bit executable. A full wiki article with further instructions is in progress.

User is offline   Diaz 


Will it come with EGA support?

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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I've also been working on another new system...



Sorry but it may be too big... : 1st april ?? :)

Uh : eduke32 IOS ?

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User is offline   You 


Fuck this 16 bit bull shit. When are you going to finish the port for the Atari 2600?

User is online   Fox 

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I want an ENIAC version.

User is offline   Micky C 

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Wow, very impressive Hendricks. Maybe you need a bit of a challenge, to push your programming skills and port eduke outside of gaming platforms.

My parents recently got a Sony ereader, designed for reading PDF documents such as books, but it's also got a web browser (as seen in the pic below) and a few other things. It's got a touch screen so I expect you to port the iOS version to it without even needing to change the control scheme. Good luck and thankyou for your dedication http://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif


User is offline   Inspector Lagomorf 

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How excited I was when I saw this post. How disappointed I was when I checked the date today.

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User is offline   Loke 


What dat... oh...

User is offline   OpenMaw 

  • Judge Mental


I gotta say, this is a good April Fools joke if it is one. I can't honestly tell. This would be a pretty cool thing in all honesty. http://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif

User is offline   Gambini 


And i fell into the trap like an idiot :)

User is offline   Player Lin 


I know today is April 1, but this one still got me, totally. :)


Mph, greenhorn... think that i ported Eduke32 on the ColecoVision just yesterday :)

User is offline   leilei 


Why OpenWatcom and not porting the whole thing to DJGPP?

User is offline   TerminX 

  • el fundador


It's an oversight in the joke. Adding Watcom support back in to our codebase would actually be a lot of work compared to just building with DJGPP against SDL for DOS (which would probably be possible without a whole lot of changes).

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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View Postleilei, on 01 April 2013 - 09:55 AM, said:

Why OpenWatcom and not porting the whole thing to DJGPP?

One, I didn't know, and two, an easier method like that wouldn't allow me to claim:

View PostHendricks266, on 01 April 2013 - 01:20 AM, said:

the introduction of doslayer.c to bridge our engine code and the DOS-based VGA, VESA, and serial port drivers, the new driver_dos.c in audiolib (which supports Adlib, Sound Blaster 1/2/Pro/16/AWE32, Gravis Ultrasound, and Roland SC-55)


User is offline   ReaperMan 


So... when can we expect that Atari 2600 port?

User is offline   Sangman 


Pretty clever, I had to do a double take at least.

User is offline   Micky C 

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At least Plagman didn't say he had abandoned polymer and been working on some truely next-gen renderer like Unreal Engine 4's, with dynamic radiosity and tesselation or whatever.

User is offline   Tetsuo 


Icing on the cake would be if he said it had Polymer and Polymost support via 3Dfx GLIDE API. :)

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

  • The Sarien Encounter


I was so excited about this...:) And my first question would have been 3dfx support. I was psyched for Eduke's enhanced con code capabilities for mods in dos...Duke64 in dos!

Oh well. Good one.

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User is offline   Hendricks266 

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I might look into a real version using SDL for DOS at some point but it's low priority.

User is offline   Spirrwell 

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View PostHendricks266, on 04 April 2013 - 01:21 PM, said:

I might look into a real version using SDL for DOS at some point but it's low priority.

If you ever manage to compile SDL for DOS, let me know. I tried to a while back, but I could never figure it out.

User is offline   NY00123 


Time for a bump :o
While somewhat different technically (a 32-bit DOS app built with DJGPP's GCC port), I think that I'm ready to show a demonstration here.

I must say in advance that your mileage may vary. In particular:
- Better assume that no support of any kind is offered for EDuke32-DOS, and that you're on your own.
- There are good chances that the DOS port will crash or malfunction in any other way. It may actually fail after enough memory allocations.
- Support for OGG and FLAC files was disabled, due to issues related to memory management. There's also no reason to support VPX with the lack of GL modes. The XMP code is enabled, though.
- You'll probably want at least 128MB of RAM for the DOS environment; That is, unless you want to enable paging, and there are good chances that you really don't. This might actually increase the chances of a crash related to memory management, although I'm not sure at this point. But maybe it'll work better with paging under certain circumstances (when DOS emulators are involved).


User is offline   Radar 


LOL That is fantastic. DOS support for Alien Armageddon and AMC TC coming soon. :o

User is offline   Mr Lazy 


11/10 joke.

User is offline   NY00123 


I'm chiming in to add that the revision number shown in the video is wrong. The current DOS port's sources are based on EDuke32 r8144. Thanks to TerminX for spotting this.
I've also changed the code a bit more, so on startup, it shows a screen very similar to the EDuke16 screenshot originally posted by Hendricks266 (and also somewhat closer to the original DOS versions):

Attached Image: eduke32_dos_20191023_startup.png

Either way, I've uploaded DOS binaries and sources that you can check out! Please don't forget the aforementioned caveats - they still apply :o
See also the README.TXT for known issues.

Updated sources on GitLab-hosted git repository: https://gitlab.com/N...23/eduke32-dos/

The binaries aren't on GitLab right now, but you may currently get them from the following page of a Duke4.net-hosted site: https://ny.duke4.net/files.html

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User is offline   ReaperAA 


Ion Fury on DOS when https://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif

(just kidding)

User is offline   oasiz 

  • Dr. Effector


There are still some unimplemented things. Preview is however playable from start to end, you will have to hack around autosaves and some other things. It's still 98% there feature-wise
Just don't expect good performance.

User is offline   Lobo4 



I find this project very interesting and it really deserves to be maintained :-)

Is an update on the agenda ?

e.g. the original binaries of Exhumed/Powerslave do not always allow to go beyond the native base resolution (320x) on some DOS graphics chipset (Intel 855GM...).

Eduke32-dos would allow for an unprecedented standardization and optimization on our favorite games by accommodating the widest VESA standards in real DOS and low level mode (with the possibility of testing many old and new graphics chips).

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