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Does anyone have the Brady guide?

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I saw it in Amazon and I was wondering what could it be about when the game is so straight forward (Amazon says it has 192 pages) :(
Also, I noticed there are two versions, the normal and the limited one, with only Duke's logo in front and double pages than the other. Does anyone have it?
By the way, any opinions on Glorious Bastard comic?

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I have 2 of the limited edition of the DNF guide and the guide is pretty cool, it shows more of the history of DNF along with bios on weapons, items, characters and monsters. The comic is awesome, get the full graphic novel :(

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The Limited Edition just contains the Standard Guide (Walkthrough) with an extra 100 pages or so of Art and Info.
I say it is worth it as a Duke Nukem fan to get the Limited Edition... if you are familiar with the little "Art Book" From Balls of Steel, basically the extra pages in the Limited Edition guide are expanded pages from the Balls of Steel Art Book... all the same stuff in the Art Book, but more pictures and text. :)


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I have the Limited Edition guide. It has history on DNF, detailed statistics for all the enemies and weapons, complete walkthroughs, all secrets and achievements, etc. Like MrBlackCat said, the bonus art section is basically just the stuff from the BoS Edition Art Book, plus extra pictures and info.

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It's a really cool book, but I was very disappointed at the quality of the individual pages... for something hardcover with a $20 price tag, you expect more than the typical cheapass thin magazine pages. These pages are like... bible thin. If you can get past that one thing, the book is great. :o

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Heh I'm with TerminX here... imagine my dissapointment after buying the making of the trilogy of Batman with the awesome pages it comes with and then reading the DNF guide :o

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