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3dr Hiring People For Senior Game Design?  "What is going on?"

User is offline   The_Jack 


What is going on? i mean 3dr guys are working on the game for nearly 10 years... (every day... GB words on 3dr forum).... and now they discovered that they need a Senior Game Designer (assuming that is about DNF)??? No one of us EVER saw a scrach of the game (the one that they´re working for since 2001 or 2002)...

I´ve tried (2 times) to get some awnsers from 3dr guys but i´ve got my thread deleted....

for all of you guys...... I DO HAVE faith that DNF will be released some day.

But sometimes ....

User is offline   Splat 

  • Eat Shit and...


It's a company..they hire people.
I think it's a good sign they look for new/more people.
Maybe they are reorganizing or expanding or whatever so that future projects are done faster and with less problems...it's not like DNF will be their last game.... :)

User is offline   Nihilanth 


RedSplat is right. It's normal that they hire new people.
They're not working on DNF for 10 years. It's almost 10 years but from DN3D release. The project itself is 8 or 9 years old. And current version is 4 years old :).
And The_Jack, yeah, it's interesting if this Senior Game Designer will be working on DNF... I doubt it, but who knows. No, I don't think so. Despite those "I want YOU to help finish ME" slogans I think that this guy is going to work on future projects. I don't think that during those 4 years they haven't even needed Senior Game Designer.

Oh and by the way, welcome The_Jack. It's good to see some new people here.

User is offline   Alan 

  • Hellspawn


Aye, welcome aboard The_Jack.

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