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Happy Anniversary, Duke.

User is online   Kristian Joensen 

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Today marks the 11th anniversary of the release of the shareware version of Duke Nukem 3D. So lets all wish him a good annivesary and good luck with fighting the bad guys in the future :) B)

Happy Annivesary, Duke. May we see more to you relatively shortly.

Frightfan: Should we wait until GT is persuaded to release the entire Blood source code?

Matt Saettler: Don't know about the Blood source from lith. I doubt they'll release it.

Frightfan: [Jason Hall] already said he would if it were up to him, but it isn't - it's GTI's game now.

Matt Saettler: Jace is wrong. I'm the one that negotiated the contracts. Jace probably doesn't even know what's really in them....

User is offline   Halcyon 

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Yeah, Happy Birthday, Duke!
You aged quite a bit over the years but you still kick ass! :)

User is offline   ultra tree 85! 

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Happy birthday Duke! :)

User is offline   Nihilanth 

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Hail to the king! :)

The battle versus Evil continues in DOOM 4
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User is offline   Micki! 

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Happy Birthday Duke3D... :)

A true genius does not need boundaries such as 'common sense'

User is offline   St3amb0 

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happy birthday duke, my old dude! :)

User is offline   Charger 

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Happy birthday dude, what times were tos when Duke3d was launched yeahhhaw

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