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Duke Nukem II Prototype (1.4) leaked

User is online   Dr.Panico 


ZNukem just posted on Discord about a Duke Nukem II prototype that has been recently leaked. From the looks so far, it seems like a legit build.
Files dates range from September to November, indicating a late-stage prototype. The build is locked with a password, which is 'superman'.


Posted Image

User is offline   Gargoyle 


He's back! Looks like Christmas came early.

Some details
* Old intro with different font.
* Enemy health unaffected by difficulty.
* Additional explosion from napalm bombs.
* Spinning guns can't be destroyed with lasers.
* Health not replenished between levels.
* Two grey crystal balls on the roof in E2L2 starting room.
* Cheat "NUK" doesn't give a weapon and "EAT" is not included.

I needed this.

User is online   Frenkel 


More cheats:

G+O+D+Enter God mode

When the God mode message is shown, press:
W warp to level
R restart level
F choose a weapon
K change skill level

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