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[RELEASE] WGR3 GANYMEDE DEMO  "Play as the Wizard Ganymede."


WGR3 GANYMEDE is a small 3 level mini mod/tc where you play as the Sorcerer Ganymede.

You rise from your slumber, a dead sorcerer, risen with a mission to end a scourge.

This is the first installment of GANYMEDE, just 3 small levels, between 20 - 40 minutes of gameplay.

The mod is styled of Quake/Hexen and Heretic.

By William Gee

Install a new snapshot of Eduke32 and Duke Nukem Atomic Edition.
Extract this folder to your Eduke32 folder, and select the GANYMEDE folder as the custom game content directory in your eduke32 startup menu.


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This is quite fun and I hope to see more levels for this in the future. Level 1 and 2 were fairly straight forward and not too challenging overall, but level 3 is definitely more tough. Still working on beating level 3.


Thanks for the feedback!
I do think the 3rd level was too hard, specially for a early level. So I did a bit of balancing and improved some other stuff.


: Game play balancing.
: New font.
: New screens.
: Blood protection replacing mask protection.

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Is V1.3 now available? I don't see it listed on the Moddb page.


Its the main file, I forgot to update the title of the download. :S it says 1.3 now.

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