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Custom Mapping Thread!  "2001 and 2011 are both welcome, post your projects here!"

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Hey all, I hope you're having as much fun as I am exploring DNF 2001! I'm pretty late to the party but I felt so impassioned by the 2001 release that I felt it appropriate to play with the map editor and boy howdy, it's a hoss (I've never played much of unreal much less tried to make a map in it)

Anywho I made this topic for yall to share your maps or whatever project or even goof it is you're working on.

Here's a little video of baby's first Duke Nukem level, being created by yours' truly (ignore the defaut texture you can spot once or twice) ;)

Posted Image

EDIT - Before I forget, I did this in Bikini Atoll Standalone 0.1.5, available here!

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View PostGorilla, on 06 December 2022 - 01:49 AM, said:

Yo sorry for double posting, but here's a video showing off my level to the "end!"

If you're familiar with Duke Nukem on the Sega Genesis you've probably played this at least once :)

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Posted Image

It's a one man party here, but here's a new map! OPERATION: N.U.T.S.A.C (neutralize urgent threat save all civilians) is a map which has you blast your way through a house, a diner, and an EDF base!

Download now and save those ladies from them nasty aliens!!

Posted Image

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Props to you for taking this on and kicking so much ass with it. The maps look great. I uninstalled DNF 2001 (Who ever thought that would be a thing?) Awhile ago, but after seeing this pictures I'm contemplating reinstalling it just to check these out.

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That's totally kind of you and I'd upvote that post if I could OpenMaw :D

If you do reinstall be sure to download the Restoration Project First Slice to play it with. It fixes many bugs and makes the editor, well, actually usable.

Sorry to post AGAIN but I forgot to include the music within the last upload of my map. D'oh, and all that!

Here's the correct link! Download this one!

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