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I havnt seen anyone mention this so Ill just drop this here:

I dont really know what this means but it should make for some interesting exploring.

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This is an on-going project being discussed in the Duke4.net Discord, and being worked on by IceColdDuke. There's been huge strides made in a short time and a significant portion of the editor is usable so far.

The GitHub repo can be found here: https://github.com/j...NF-reimposition

Feel free to join in the discussion in the Duke Nukem Forever channel in the Duke4.net Discord here: https://discord.com/invite/ks5bHrH

Here's a screenshot of !z1l2_1 from the October 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever in the 2011 editor with a few random lights set up as it's kind of an amusing thing to see:

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This is the latest video showing what it can do. There are alot of projects using the Duke Nukem Forever 2011 editor now, this is the example 2 map I just pushed to the depot.



Got working the full dev console in v1.03.
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With the new UnrealScript stuff we made a new hud, and made a better crosshair that turns red when you point it at stuff, changed the ego to be 100 at the start and instant death at 0 ego.
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Using the new unrealscript compiler, compeltely rewrote the weapon selection code, so the 3 weapon limit is gone and all the weapons can be selected just by press 0 to 9. And all of the ammo roster stuff show up on new hud. Each stat in the ammo roster. shows on the left side the number of rounds in the magainze on the left is how much ammo you have left.

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Sincerely never thought i'd see this happen.

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