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Damn I'm good respawns too fast?!

User is offline   Robertkopp 


I played through the original in DOS and all sourceports before, I am sure the enemies are not supposed to respawn within seconds and especially not Battlelords.
Maybe I am wrong, you can watch the VOD of my last stream on twitch username Robertkopp.
I played the game in WinXP 32 latest BuildGDX.

User is offline   Danukem 

  • Duke Plus Developer


In your USER.CON file (open it with a text editor) there should be a line like this:


How big that number is determines how long the respawn timer is. 900 = 30 seconds.

If you don't have a USER.CON or can't find it then you have failed as a player.

User is offline   DNSKILL5 

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According to my stopwatch; it takes roughly twenty-five seconds for them to respawn, and it is the same for all enemies with the exception of the fat commanders and slimers. Those enemies will never respawn. It's a waste to even use explosives on the fatties because that ammo can be used for bigger threats, and the slimers are better off avoiding than killing on DIG, as they can clean up some of the mess for you unless it's an octabrain. They either respect the octabrains or hate the taste of them.

Battlelords are a massive threat on this skill level and their corpses should be destroyed ASAP, because you do not want them to respawn, especially if they were a stayput battlelord because once they respawn guess what they're gonna do? That's right... they're going to blast you with mortars from miles away as they chase you down and fill you with bullet holes. It isn't worth it. Blow the fucker's corpse to little bits.. or better yet.. shrink the bastards and squish them, which will always prevent them from returning from the grave while also conserving your explosive ammo.

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User is offline   Robertkopp 


Hey thanks for the feedback. I used the Megaton Edition in the Steam folder. I'll have a look if it's all there.

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