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8-Bit Polymost mode


Back in the day, when i was still using older EDuke32 builds and JFDuke, i noticed that, aside from default 8-Bit classic mode, there was also an screen option for 8-Bit Polymost mode. Initially I thought it's same thing like 16 and 32 bit modes while the only difference was that it supports 256 colors only just like 8-Bit classic mode. I did an experiment and tried HRP with it but didn't displayed any Hi-Res textures nor 3D Models. Was this screen mode actually unfinished?

Generally i am wondering what was it's purpose and why it's abandoned later?


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It was Ken's work in progress version of the polymost renderer that was never really meant as a daily driver.
Think of it as a stepping stone proof of concept implementation before moving to proper GPU acceleration of it.

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I don’t think there’s any reason for it to exist anyway now that there are shaders to replicate classic colours?

You can even make polymost look like the original classic renderer with colour banding and y-shearing.

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