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Manicware Corner  "I'm making games right now (also publishing)"

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I decided to make a little thread for my little company here. :)

I started in 2018, SilverballZ in 2019 being my first standalone game (albeit it's just a TC).
In addition to playing "hardcore" FPS and RTS titles, I always loved smaller games like Sokoban, Arkanoid, Tetris and other "smaller" genres.
So my first commercial games was 2 small puzzle games with retro aesthetics - 4Blox and Marble Hopper. Klondike Saloon, Gomoku and unfinished top-down arcade soon followed.

Retro-games that I made didn't do much for me, so I shifted my focus a little bit by making games for more casual, family-oriented audience.
In August of 2020 I made my first casual game, a match-3 called Emeraldium. I started looking for a publisher, and after a couple of rejections I finally found one who actually picked up and released the game in October. They did a great job, as my game was released on more than 30 targets and despite low user ratings (2,5/5 as average), I actually managed to make a lot!

A lot has changed since then! None of the stores who's selling Emeraldium wanted to deal with me at first, but after the game's release I suddenly started getting replies to my business inquires!

I released Lucky Nights Casino and remake of my own 4Blox earlier this year. Thanks to "I made Emeraldium!" claim, I'm actually going to work directly with these websites. I have 3 partners right now who sell my games directly through me, and I'm currently in talks with 3 more, so my distribution network is pretty big by now.

The only issue is that I have the network, but I lack the product I'm only one man who relies on a very unreliable freelance work, so my current release rate is 1 game per 3 months. It looks like I'm actually can make video games my primary source of income, but I need to release at least 1 game every month in order to recieve my share sooner than later.

Because of this, in addition to my ongoing in-house game development, I'm also offering my game publishing services to other indie developers! So if there's any indies right here who want more exposure for their upcoming or already released titles, you can read more detailed info here: https://manicware.itch.io/

(get a load of this page - who is "we" lol?)
So whether want to do business with me or just wish me luck, subscribe to my YT channel and follow this thread.

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People really buy this kind of bygone Flash era trashware?

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