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ERROR: No palette found

User is offline   jmar 


I just returned to the wonderful world of making Duke 3D-levels, but sadly, mapster refuses to work. It says: ERROR: No palette found. No matter what I do, it doesn't work.
I also tried the old build engine (own the game on gog), but it doesn't work like it should: the textures on the selection screen (after pressing 'v') do not show up.

Anyone who had the same problem?
Many thanks!

User is offline   LeoD 

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ERROR: No palette found.
This usually means: installation problem, like duke3d.grp missing.
Retry with mapster32 and duke3d.grp only in your working directory.
Post your mapster32.log file if the issue persists.

User is offline   Aleks 


I've had similar problems once after installing Megaton edition, as EDuke was automatically looking for GRP in Megaton Steam directory and had some problems with it. If you just put Duke3d.grp into the same directory as your EDuke/Mapster executables, you could run them with command
and it should just look for GRP file in its own directory (personally I just create shortcuts to executable files with the path like
"C:\Duke Nukem 3D\mapster32.exe" -usecwd

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