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General weird/cool dreams thread  "Post your inner lives here"

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Since this was mentioned in "Any Duke related dreams?" topic some time ago, I think it would be good to have a topic for any kind of dreams that are weird/fun/cool enough to share it with other people without boring the shit out of them. I'll start with one I've had about a week ago (just didn't have time to post before), it was also one of the very few dreams I thought it would be good to just note ASAP after waking up:

The setup: I was in what apparently was my sister's apartment, except it looked completely different that the actual one - but let's just imagine a generic modern looking, clean apartment with a brown-white colour theme around. I was apparently waiting for a courier bringing something for my brother in law, my girlfriend and some other person was there with me. In the kitchen, I've noticed a cartoonish, large spider hanging out from the ceiling that had some kind of meaty legs - and instead of 8, it had 9 of them. In another room, there were apparently some invisible Japanese people, who also couldn't see or hear us - but somehow I knew they were there, so I jokingly said that once they realised we're next to them and talk in a foreign language, they would assume we are raiding their home...

And suddenly, I was indeed in the middle of some kind of raid - in a different building and with somehow different people, but we were doing a raid and holding hostages. There was still the 9-legged spider in the kitchen and some other insect which also apparently grew an extra leg and I started wondering if it might be radiation or what kind of shit is doing this. The hostages seemed to be once again some foreigners, I remember there was the courier I have been expecting earlier, a teen in a red polo shirt, some bald, older guy with friend who looked a bit latino and 4 alternative/hipster girls.

Now the funny part starts - I suddenly started levitating, about 1 meter above the ground, while sitting with my legs crossed. At first only for a bit and shaky, but then I started getting a hold of it and just flying around while sitting. I didn't have any kind of propulsion, so had to push myself from different things, but I could easily control the movement and gain quite a speed. If you have ever dreamt that you are flying, you know how awesome the feeling is in general, so yeah, I was quite excited with it. I could also completely understand the mechanics beyond it - it was like two magnets pushing against the same sign sides, or more precisely, there was some kind of gravitational ball forming underneath me - it worked better on rigid surfaces, but on softer ones (like bed), I would be pushing it a bit down.

Needles to say, I started flying around and showing off before everyone, including the hostages - who apparently were armored as well and said that now they would be taking me hostage instead. I didn't give a single fuck - I could fly and knew I can escape anytime. Also my newly found ability seemed to impress the hostages, especially the hipster girls who developed some advanced form of Stockholm syndrome by now.

The next scene, I am in the middle of some kind of white corridor and see the hostages rebelling and trying to escape. I was holding some kind of lamp with a post, that would resemble a solid metal hammer. While the hostages were running past me, they started screaming loudly, so without much thinking I smashed their leader in the head with the lamp, pretty much decapitating him and leaving just a bloody pulp all around, with only his glasses remaining. This was sufficient to stop the rebelion, but wasn't too happy about killing someone (especially since I thought it was one of the hipster girls, who seemed quite stubborn before and wore similar clothes). Turned out it was some journalist, so who cares!

But then I apparently discovered I have another superpower - I'm incredibly strong. I was able to throw drink straws at solid wooden cupboards like knives and see them getting stuck in. Once again, this was a good opportunity to show off before the hostages, who apparently didn't mind me killing that poor guy seconds before.

By that time, the building was surrounded by police, who approached us by a strange tactic of getting each of the kidnappers outside for an interrogation, then letting them back in. It was my time to go talk with them and by that time, I completely gave up walking and relied only on levitating. I also had such a dickish self-esteem by that time, that I was more excited to tell them about my superpowers than scared they might arrest or take me down. There was a whole damn police around, with special ops team, a helicopter and all that stuff. At first, a random cop told me I can just take a car and drive away without any further consequences if I surrender. I said I'd gladly do it actually (as I had no fucking idea why we were even holding these people hostage), but I don't have a driving licence. Then I approached 3 "detectives" who were casual clothes and looked like random hood thugs. My levitation didn't impress them at all. I was about to tell them that there's already been someone killed inside (and that I did it, but it was an accident!), as I've somehow felt quite sure that in addition to my levitation and superstrenght, I'm also somehow invicible now. Unfortunately, this is when I woke up.

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Haha, you dreamed you DNKROZ'd!


I had this dream when I was around 10 or 11... it's a bit jumbled in my mind so I can't remember all the details well.

Basically, in the dream, I was playing Garry's Mod with the TARDIS Rewrite mod (good fuckin mod by the way), and I'm in one of those spacebuild maps. I land on this one Earth-like place, get out, and fly around, but then I somehow find...this weird studio, where some weird female GoAnimate character is making some sad announcement and crying. I fly through it, and then the dream suddenly switches from GMod to real life. I'm arrested by her guards for ruining the shot or whatever and taken to a weird prison/asylum? I break out, grab a shotgun, and start shooting those fuckers. Then I somehow destroy the entire building and escape.

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I had some vivid weird dream. Long story short, the Earth was invaded by very tall (2'6), blue-skinned, bald yet sexy female aliens, who basically declared everyone who's more than 30 years old as obsolete and killed them with poisonous gas. The ones who's younger was send to remote locations, such as New Zealand, Australia and North/South Poles in order to build a new kind of society. Space invaders occupied the rest of the world. The end.

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