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[RELEASE] - Garbleborough  "High difficulty level"

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Hi everyone ! I am pleased to share with you a new level for MTK, working on its version 2.1.3 :)

Our friend The Killer returns with a new adventure. It's a special experience: in a very large, varied and above all ... hostile environment! The town of Garbleborough hides access to its buildings very well and the Police are just waiting for a misstep from you to get out!

A very difficult level full of mysteries, a journey between perilous exploration and infiltration ...

Dowload: Web Site

Presentation :

Your travels have taken you far, to the humble town of Garbleborough.

But what a godsend: here is a region where you are not wanted! The Police will therefore not chase you, if you do not attract their attention and only use your weapons on the sly.
Talking of which, there is no secret places in Garbleborough, because everything is secret there.

Look for hidden entrances all over town and visit forbidden spots. Bring back proof that your exploration is complete by collecting the six Things.


Let's Play : (SPOILERS)

Screenshots :

Attached Image: screenUMap09a.png Attached Image: salonmeuble.png Attached Image: surlestoits.png

Archives :

- Mr The Killer
- Mr The Killer, Episode 2 : Randomaniac


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A test made by the youtuber Custom Longplay. Thanks to him :)


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