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Stainglass windows.


When I'm making smashable stain glass windows of duke and battlelord, I can only get the battlelord to smash, duke wont smash.

My way of building them is use M for masked wall press b then h on the masked wall.

Using the latest Eduke32.

User is online   Aleks 


I was quite sure the stainglass with Duke is breakable as well, but seems it isn't - the Battlelord tile is named "STAINGLASS1" while Duke one is nameless, so probably can't be destroyed at all.

BTW, where was the one with Duke used in the game anyway?

User is online   ck3D 


No yeah, I'm pretty sure only the Battlelord tile could ever be destroyed, going as far as DOS Duke (and indeed the Duke one was never used in the game that I know of). Pretty easy fix in .con I would assume, though.

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User is offline   Jimmy 

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I don't think the Duke stain glass is used in the game.

User is offline   oasiz 

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Yup, Aleks is on the right track, from SECTORS.C
        case STAINGLASS1:
            updatesector(x,y,&sn); if( sn < 0 ) return;
            wal->cstat = 0;
            if(wal->nextwall >= 0)
                wall[wal->nextwall].cstat = 0;

You would need to define i.e. STAINGLASS2 in NAMES.H and insert a case for it under STAINGLASS1 to get the same effect (Needs a re-compile).
Did a quick grep through 1.5 code and I couldn't find anything for tile number 511 (510 is blord one).
Seems that even 0.99 defs.con lacks the definition so they probably just forgot about it likely never got used (Also what Jimmy & ck3d pointed out, I don't remember seeing this.)


Thanks guys, that solves that issue, I presumed it was coded. :D

User is offline   Gerolf 

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It's not used in the game originally, but it was definitely meant to be seen in Death Row in the chapel, at least that's where it would've fit in the best. Would've been a great indicator for the player of what was awaiting them once they reach the abyss.

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