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(New RELEASE) WGSP2.map 4/May/2021  "Second WGSP level NEW!"


New Vanilla level from me requires Eduke32. Uses some TROR. I suggest playing in polymost, as some TROR warps show up in classic.
Takes me around 15 minutes to pass the level. I'm guessing a first time player might take around 20 minutes.

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User is online   ck3D 


Damn you're on a roll! I can't keep up and I love it! Will try to play ASAP back to back with the first. Thanks for sharing.

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CGS, 18 minutes clocked, 7/8 secrets found.
Died twice: once I got squished on the ledge with columns surrounding the chapel (I have no idea how), second time in the end when I tried rushing the battlelord with a shrinker only to be made into a sieve by his brother on the left side.

Good map, even though I actually like the first installment quite a bit more thanks to the brooding atmosphere and sparse combat. This map felt a bit more concentrated and to the point in terms of combat where WGSP1 let the atmospere sink for a while before going all in.
Really dig these long dark descending stairs leading to a chapel (and the ones in the end leading to an alies pyramid). The chapel ain't too shabby either, solid looks all around. TROR is implemented in a very interesting way (the rotating door puzzle), though in my version of EDuke it was a bit glitchy.

I also dig the decision to ditch the keycards and make the first weapon you get an RPG. At least that's how it played for me, I got the shotgun after a while and barely used it in the map.
The combat in general was fun in a classic DN3D sense. Nothing that will make you grit your teeth, but rushing through will get you killed, and enemy placement was mostly really good. Pipebombs are abundant, but I couldn't find good use for them because of how big most room are.
The showdown at the Octabrain nest was fun, even if it was fairly simple. In general this map felt easier than WGSP1.

Personally not a fan of random enemy sounds you hear during the map. Sometimes you tend to downright abuse them to a point where it stops serving the tone or building tension and becomes kinda annoying.
The stair while really cool to look at are not an ideal place for massive encounters. The first battlelord on the stairs didn't manage to score a single hit, the second one got stuck behind a pillar making them both complete pushovers.
Also some of the TROR rooms don't work perfectly for the enemies. One Octabrain got stuck on the red wall in the rotating door room and I couldn't kill it even with blast damage, huh.

Overall, really good map and congrats on release, glad you're making vanilla levels again. This is shaping up to be a great map pack with a rarely explored theme. Kudos!

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User is online   Sanek 


Damn man I only finished the previous map and you already released another one!

WG and Alex Pistol is back, new faces like Michael Hunt making new stuff - what's happening!


It was playing AA that motivated me to build levels for duke again. I played ep1 on AA and really wanted to build a "The Abyss" style level, that ended up being used as a Boss level in Attrition, then I made some more for classic. :P

Thanks for the comments Mister Sinister!


Radars playthrough using AMC TC

Looks alot harder using AMC. Was fun watching him work the puzzles out. :D

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User is offline   Mark 


Between fantastic use of sector lighting /shading and eduke's visibility settings, this is a superb looking map.
A lot of times I look at a map and wonder how much better it would look in Polymer with it's fancy lighting. This was done so well in Polymost that I didn't think that this time.

User is offline   Merlijn 


Awesome, more WG goodness! :D

I say it's just as good as the first one, some really clever puzzles (especially the one with the rotating sectors stacked on top of each other) and the lightning/shadow effects are fantastic.
I agree with Mister Sinister about the random monster sounds, it's a cool effect but a bit overused. The overall atmosphere is great though, it really feels like you're descending into an evil place.

I also found the RPG before finding the shotgun and the chaingun, but had no real trouble with the balance.
There was plenty of health and ammo around, the fights were well paced. Loved the final setpiece. Only found 3 secrets, still need to find the devastator. p


Thanks Merlijn
I cant imagine how you passed the level without the devastator. :D

View PostMark, on 04 May 2021 - 07:31 PM, said:

Between fantastic use of sector lighting /shading and eduke's visibility settings, this is a superb looking map.
A lot of times I look at a map and wonder how much better it would look in Polymer with it's fancy lighting. This was done so well in Polymost that I didn't think that this time.

Thanks Mark! Glad you enjoyed it.

Overall my shading has improved alot since I have started the abyss style levels. :o

User is online   ck3D 


I still haven't played the maps yet but I watched Radar's video and I was blown away by a lot of the design choices in this one. That hallway with the big staircase and shrinker puzzle, or the areas with the green and red flashing lights and the rotating column next to that red hallway with the Cyclers looked especially great to me, I really appreciate you making maps with higher ceilings/skies and bigger spaces than most, you're a master of verticality. From what I could see the gameplay and progression also look really unique and cool with that play on holes in walls and room over room, all the while remaining a recognizable spiritual successor to The Abyss. I guess it's just that much more epic in an alternate reality where the alien spaceship instead crashes in New Zealand. Anyway, again what a sweet unexpected treat to see more Duke 3D levels from you, very psyched!

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Thanks, the second map has a different feel to the first, but I quite enjoy playing it. Part 3 will again have a different feel, being inside the mothership. :D
My goal is to make a few 15 minute levels to put together as a new episode. Im not sure how many might be just a mini 3 level episode or 4 lets see what happens.

User is online   Aleks 


Finally got to play it yesterday and took me about 30-35 minutes, but then I spent a lot of time just looking at stuff around, as the design looks amazing! :D It does feel completely different than the first one indeed, despite both having very strong The Abyss vibe of course - and I think I liked this one a bit more, due to it resembling my favourite part of the level. TROR was implemented flawlessly once again, it gave the level very strong 3D feeling and was much more pronounced than in the first map, but didn't have any "gimmicky" thing to it - great job! :o And the play on shadows was fantastic, really liked it. The puzzles were also fun - especially the 2 level rotating thing, but also the shrinker puzzle was something I liked.


Few minor complaints:
  • agree with Mister Sinister and Merlijn on the random alien sounds, they seem to be overused around in this map (especially some being in sectors right next to each other it seems),
  • the final battle seemed a bit too dark for me, it was hardly to see what's shooting at me and playing without auto-aim, it was tricky to hit things. Also not sure about mixing slimers and protector drones at the end, as all the protector drones ended up being eaten by slimers :D
  • the wall textures around the room with the raising stairs moved along with the stairs - I think it would look better if their orientation was changed with "O", so they would just stay in place (also it resulted in the textures being a bit misaligned at one position of the stairs),
  • this one's not on you but on TROR I guess, but some random sectors seemed to drain health/boots energy despite not having the acid textures, for example the highest step in that hole you had to enter to reach the top floor above the acid early in the map.

Overall, great experience, congratulations again on the release! Found 5/8 secrets during normal play, then backtracked to look for the others - the very first secret in the map took me the longest to figure out. Also it seemed some monsters respawned on the way and got stuck into not following me through these long stairs, not sure if it was intended.


Thanks Alerks. Glad you liked it.
Yes that is how the shrinker puzzle works. :D I knew I had to add one, and that is just how it came out. :D

I know about the sector draining your health, I gave up trying to fix it. :s
In fact I had a few brainfc%*Ks with that pyramid chapel thing there are still 2 corrupted walls. I spent ages chasing them and fixing the pyramid then gave up leaving 2 behind.

Your right about the wall behind the raising steps, will catch that with the pack. And reduce my random sounds for everyone. :D

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