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Spiral Staircase

User is offline   MrBarefoot 


Can someone please explain how to make the spiral staircase as in DN3d E1L1?
I know I've done it a long time ago, but I forget how I got the top stairs over the bottom ones without TROR. I've spent hours looking through these forums to no avail.

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i usually make a spiral staircase that keeps getting wider -


when I finish - i start at the inner part of the spiral and start dragging in sets of stairs a few at a time & cleaning up warping or sizing issues

better mappers probably have better methods

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User is online   Ninety-Six 


I thought it was done by offsetting the vertices to ensure none of the walls line up?

User is online   oasiz 

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Here is my method, few goofs as I'm quite tired and improvised few bits on the fly :)
I am using Fury's scripts but it's mostly to speed up things at few points.

There are other ways of accomplishing this but I've always used something close to this.
One alternate method would be to create a half chunk with raised steps ahead of time and clone it x3, while raising Floor/Ceilingz in tandem for each by calculating the needed amounts and then just joining them together.


User is offline   Mark 


I learned something new and valuable watching that video. I never knew you could snap a line to a vert that wasn't on a grid point. I've been changing grid size back and forth a million times over the years when connecting verts that were originally placed with differing grid resolutions. Maybe I wouldn't be in need of a new mouse today because of a worn out scroll wheel. ;)

User is offline   MrBarefoot 


Thanks everyone for the replies. They triggered my memory, and the light came on.
Funny how one can forget stuff when you haven't done it in 20 years or so. lol

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