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Redneck Rampage hit detection

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Maybe it's just me but when playing this through BuildGDX the hit detection is abysmal compared to playing it through DOS. Is there a way to rectify this besides using autoaim(which is better but still not great)?

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I asked on Discord and this is what terminx had to say about it (in regards to Rednukem)


probably because it's based on EDuke32 which has a change made that makes the pistol more accurate when autoaim is off

the games have an issue where if you turn autoaim off then the usable range of some weapons drastically changes because the spread of the shots is programmed to be really wide

since the original DOS version obviously didn't have an option to turn off autoaim, it can be rightfully assumed that the games were balanced with the effective ranges of the weapons with autoaim enabled in mind, which poses a problem when it's disabled: no matter how good your aim is, beyond a relatively short distance the weapons in question will be completely ineffective even if you yourself are 100% accurate

to combat this we prefire a hitscan with no spread, and if it hits an enemy we get rid of the spread when we fire the real shot


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