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The worst Duke 3D mod you'll ever play  "Diarrhea TC is here to ruin your day"

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Inspired by the brilliance of Hard G, Doom Terry wads and Dookie Nukem 3D...


Diarrhea TC is a mod that completely fucks up Duke Nukem 3D, to the point of making it almost unplayable!
Features new weapons, monsters, items, gameplay modes, netplay with bots & more! Also, this is probably the first ever DN3D mod that allows players & monsters to screw each other! Read further for more details...

New monsters:

SCP statues - they won't move when you look at them, but should you look away, they will catch you, and then... Well, find out for yourself! Statues are invincible, but will self-destruct after a while. Statues are only interested in healthy players with HP above 100, and also Buttock Chicken players. Will spawn from some Randy heads. Use super steroids to escape their wrath!
Kissing buddies - they love you so much, they want to kiss you! A horny cousin of protozoid slimer. Press use to take them off. Will spawn from some eggs and sometimes from Randy heads.
Big Gays - just like SCP statues, their only purpose is to screw players! Can be killed. Will spawn from some Randy heads. Use super steroids to escape!
Buttock Chickens - not really an enemy, just walk around and sometimes crap themselves.
Dopefish - replaces sharks!
This mod also features new variants of standart DN3D monsters.

New items:

Broccoli of diarrhea fury - one of the worst items. Will make you experience uncontrollable diarrhea.
Randy heads - will spawn a random item/entity when destroyed!
Mini tanks - will spawn a random item/entity when destroyed!
Speedrun ball - makes your Duke 3D experience even worse!
Super steroids - will make you almost invincible, and also will heal you from most effects, including being screwed by Big Gays/Satues, being turned into bouncing shit, being turned into Fart Rat, uncontrollable diarrhea, speedrun ball, etc.
Big Ben idol - turns you into Big Ben! You won't be able to use your weapons, but instead it will grant you the ability to screw monsters, babes & other players! SCP statues, Big Gays and broccolis won't harm you in this mode.
Shit turrets - will act differently depending if you're playing in singleplayer or multiplayer. In singleplayer, they will attack monsters. In multiplayer, they will attack players, including you. Will self-destruct after a while.
Spying device - spawns a mini taxi that you can control! Can attack monsters & open some doors. Use quick kick button to end this mode.

New weapons:

Feces gun (shrinker replacement) - will turn monsters & players into Fart Rats! The transformation is highly contagious, so stay far away when it happens.
Transformer (expander replacement) - will turn monsters & players into Buttock Chickens!
Gas bombs (pipebomb replacement) - will spread poisonous gas when activated!
Shitter (freezethrower replacement) - will turn monsters & players into Bouncing shit! What an amusing predicament!

(includes an optional old version of EDuke 32 that supports Duke bots. Newer versions of EDuke 32 are supported for singleplayer)

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Broccoli of diarrhea fury

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^ What's hilarious is broccoli is actually loaded with iron, so Iron Fury really works too.


This is good. I like it.


oh god. it's been a while since i seen a crazy mod for Duke 3D. i think the last time i remember 1 crazy mod, might of been from you. i remember it was a mod where the troopers who are on the toilets could fart toxic gas out there ass. me & a friend of mine once co-oped Duke 3D with that mod

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I have so many questions

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nice to see you show back with an april fools release

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  • The Truth is in here


You had me with "Terry" already. At the latest.

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Lol. Well I guess I'll try it out if nothing else for the novelty.

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