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customs charges from UK to US

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Has anyone here in the US bought something online from a UK seller and had to deal with any customs fees or other hassles?
I ask because I want to buy a special USB programming cable for a radio scanner I own. I could not find a US seller. The seller in the UK said that he has to put on certain labels for customs but he didn't answer my question about if he knew of any fees that US buyers ended up paying. The cable is only $21 USD and I'm not going to order one if customs fees are more than the cost of the item. Many years ago I got stuck with a $45 fee for something that came from Canada. Ever since then I have refused to buy anything from outside the US. A google search on the subject was not conclusive because of too many variables.

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you will have to pay customs fees / import tax
rates vary from 4.5% to 20%

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Yeah, sometimes you can get stuck with fees you might not be expecting.

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